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Selling your product wholesale can be tough. The path from cold-calling or emailing shops to actually seeing your product on shelves is a complicated one, full of jargon like minimum order, carriage paid and terms and conditions.


  • Have you managed to get your product into small, independent stores, but are struggling to attract the attention of the big players?

  • Do you want to expand your business, but lack confidence when approaching potential stockists?

  • Does the selling process make your skin crawl, or do you struggle with it because you’re more introverted?

Using my decade of experience with brands like John Lewis, Selfridges, Urban Outfitters, Asos.com and Ocado, I help small business owners grow by getting their product range into the shops of their dreams. From cold-calling to building lasting relationships, I’m there to support you every step of the way.


It might sound cheesy, but it’s true: there’s no such thing as a stupid question. I believe that knowledge breeds confidence, and I’m dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to build your own way forward, in a friendly and helpful way. There’s no army-style bossing around over here, just gentle guidance to steer you in the right direction, honed through years of industry experience. I’ve been there, so I know how it feels.

Through working together, I’ll be there to help you navigate the jargon, and to support you at every stage of the process: from terms, pricing, and delivery, order fulfilment, shipping quotes and contracts - and much more! I’ll also help you find a way to sell your product that works for you. Whether the selling process doesn’t sit well with you, or you struggle with it because you’re a little shy, I tailor my support to your specific situation, so that you can achieve success in the way that best suits you.


- Maya Angelou

"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud"


Therese Ørtenblad

My name is Therese Ørtenblad and I’m the founder of Small Business Collaborative. I’m here to offer you a helping hand to get a wholesale strategy in place, and to get your range into some lovely stockists.

I grew up in Sweden and studied Fashion and Textile design in Italy, before moving to London in 2007. I have a passion for good but functional design - especially if it’s clean but not too minimalistic, and considers its social responsibility.  

I’ve worked in sales in the home & gift industry since June 2008, selling novelty gifts, toys, stationery, beauty & home fragrance, homewares, table-top, pet products, and books. Each experience has provided me with unique and diverse learnings, and I’ve worked with a wide range of customers and products.

My industry experience covers all types of retailer, from small independent gift and home stores such as Vinegar Hill, to fashion chains like Urban Outfitters and Topshop, department stores such as Liberty, Selfridges and John Lewis and online retailers such as Asos.com and Ocado (and many more!).


I've sold both stock ranges and own brand, and I've worked closely with the product development team in all my roles. I've managed the whole customer journey, so I am well-equipped to help you navigate the wholesale landscape and help you grow your business. Are you interested in learning more about how we can work together? Get in touch!


"I spent a 2 hour face-to-face working session with Therese and found it invaluable in focusing on our wholesale offering - from pricing to trade shows, marketing material and newsletter content - in order to create a consistent and value-added B2B offering for our trade customers. Therese has a wealth of experience in her field and shared it in a friendly, straightforward and collaborative way, with the output being a clear and actionable plan. I would highly recommend Therese as a consultant or mentor for any small business looking to launch or grow their wholesale operation, and I'm sure we will work together again."

-Nicky Sherwood, Angel and Dove



I love working with business owners of all sizes, from start-up at the kitchen table to established businesses with millions of pound in turnover. 

When you first START your business it can be overwhelming and the thought of reaching out to a potential stockist can be enough to get the heart pumping and kick-start the dreaded imposter syndrome, I'm here to help you overcome this. 


You have a few stockists and some established relationships with buyers. It's time to make sure you have a solid strategy in place and to reviewing how you manage your wholesale and what you need to implement to GROW it further and with purpose. 


You've taken your sales as far as you can and it's time to really SCALE your business, perhaps you want to hire a team, make sure your back-office is tidy and ready to be scaled so you can stop playing constant catch-up and free you up to work on your business instead of constantly putting out fires in your business. 

Does this sound like you? I would love to chat about how I can help you. Get in touch and let's talk!

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