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My name is Therese Ørtenblad and I help small creative product-based businesses to start or grow their wholesale. Wholesale is a great way to scale your business, it can be a little scary when you first start, and it can be frustrating when you’re not getting the results you want. I can offer you a helping hand to get your business ready, get a wholesale strategy in place and to get your range into some lovely stockists.


I grew up in Sweden and studied Fashion and Textile design in Italy before moving to London in 2007, and I have a passion for good but functional design with a clean but not to minimalistic design that considers its social responsibility. However, I am more than happy to work with most product-based businesses as long as I believe that I can help you grow.


My experience

I have worked in sales in the home & gift industry since June 2008. In this time, I have sold novelty gifts, toys, stationery, beauty & home fragrance, homewares, table-top, pet products, and books. Each role has thought me a lot about the industry and I've dealt with a wide range of customers and products. My industry experience covers a wide spectrum of retailers from small independent gift and home stores such as Vinegar Hill to fashion chains like Urban Outfitters and Topshop, department stores such as Liberty, Selfridges and John Lewis and online retailers such as Asos.com and Ocado and many more.


I've sold both stock ranges and own brand and I've worked closely with the product development team in all my roles. I've managed the whole customer journey from cold calling to building a lasting relationship and all the challenges in-between including; terms, pricing, delivery and special labelling/packaging, 3rd party warehousing, shipping quotes and contracts and much more.


My passion

I love to work with small creative business owners from all over the UK. I am hugely passionate about the industry and about helping creatives build the business of their dream.

TRY TO BE A                IN SOMEONE'S CLOUD.

-- Maya Angelou

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