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Growing your wholesale can be frustrating when you're not getting the results that you want and it can make you doubt what you're doing. As a small business owner, this can be difficult, particularly if you're doing everything yourself or with just a little bit of help.

It's easy to keep moving wholesale tasks to the bottom of the list and I often hear things like, "I just need one more product" then I can finish my catalogue. Does this sound like you?


To grow your wholesale you need to be consistent and persistent and to keep that up you need a plan and I'm here to help you put one in place. 

Have you wondered?

Why you're not hearing back from potential buyers? or why you're not getting the result you are after?

If you should exhibit at a trade show? Is it worth the investment? How do to have a successful show?

How to sell more? How to get stocked in more shops? How to find potential stockists?

If wholesale is worth it for your business? You're trying so hard but for very little reward.

How do I make money selling to shops? Is my pricing right?

How to get into larger retailers? Whom to contact and how to find their details?

Have you wondered about one, a few, or all of the above?


Do you feel like you've tried everything you can think of to grow your wholesale? You googled everything you can think of, you listened to every podcast, downloaded every worksheet you can find and you still feel overwhelmed and not getting the results you want? and you're done doing it all by yourself?

Perhaps you've spent money on expensive marketing and trade shows for little payback and now you feel like you want to stop wasting your time and money and need help defining the right way forward?

I can help

Being an introvert I've had to learn how to sell in a way that feels authentic to me, I don't believe there's just one way to do something.

We will work together and review your sales materials, sales pitch, your process (if you have one), define your ideal stockists and make sure your pricing is right.  

Margins can be low when you sell wholesale but to build a sustainable business you need to still make a profit. With wholesale, there's always a risk of increasing your turnover but if you're not making more money it is not a sustainable way to grow your business. 

When you work 1:1 with me I will deep-dive into your business and help you prioritise your tasks so that you can stop doing everything and start to grow your wholesale. 

Strategy Day


Half/Full day of 1:1 in-person business mentoring that is designed around you and your business. We meet at my home (I have a big fluffy and friendly dog) in Isleworth (near Twickenham in West London) or if you prefer I can arrange an alternative location in Richmond or Central London at an additional charge).

I will do a full review of your wholesale business, then we will decide what areas we need to focus on first to get the results you want. Depending on where you are in your business we will work on a strategy for the next 12-months or on specific challenges you need help with.


From £450

Book a free discovery and let's see if we're a good fit. 

Strategy Session


2-hour 1:1 online business mentoring with 2 weeks of support.

Perfect if you have 2-3 specific challenges you would like to focus on. Perhaps you have a big meeting or a trade show to prepare for.



Fast Track to Wholesale

Group Training Program


A 12-week group-training program to get you selling to shops. 

This is a fast-paced program that includes everything you need to approach retailers with confidence, including price reviews, sales materials, sales techniques and much more.  



Working with Therese was brilliant from start to finish. Therese was professional, reliable and very informative! Her knowledge on the wholesale industry was extraordinary, as she guided me through the process of establishing a wholesale approach for my candle business. After our session I felt empowered to move forward into the wholesale market with the knowledge and support that I was on the right track. I would highly recommend Therese if you are looking to take the leap into wholesale, Therese offers a quick professional service and on top is friendly and approachable.

- Becky Avery, Hazel and Blue


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