Let's Talk Sales Group Coaching

Continue to grow your business

The course will soon be over and I would love to continue to work with you,  do you want to continue to work with me? 

I decided to offer a small group-coaching program with a focus on growing your business and growing your sales and your profits. I will ask you how this is going on our monthly calls. It means that you can use the monthly call as a deadline for reviewing your sales ech month and have that extra accountability. 

When will we meet? 

On the first Tuesday of each month at 10am for 1-hour via Zoom. The first session will be on Tuesday 6th October at 10am.

What will the format be?

This will be a group coaching call so we will discuss challenges you're facing, and celebrate wins. If there are a lot of similar questions in the group I will prepare a 20-30 minute lesson but the main portion will be members sharing and learning from each other and together. ​

This may include things such as selling on marketplace platforms, export, making sale or return work for your business, trade shows etc.

A private Facebook group where you can help each other and I will be answering questions Monday-Friday. Perfect if you're not ready to work with me 1:1.

Who is it for

This is only open for those of you who completed the Let's Talk Sales course, admission will open up again next year but group calls will be kept small. If more than 20 people join the group, I will offer a second evening time slot.

This is to give you guys a chance to continue to work with me if it's not the right time to work together on a 1:1 basis. It's the most affordable way I have ever offered and it feels so right that we can continue to work together. 

What's not included

This is a group program so I will give individual advice in the Facebook group where everyone will be able to see my reply but I won't be able to give 1:1 advice via email or any other platform.

As an active member of the group, you will be able to book one-off 90-minute 1:1 calls with me with a £25 discount. 

This is not like a membership group, they are brilliant and I think they give so much value for a really reasonable investment. This is different as it's very targeted at growing your business with the support of a very small group of business owners.  

What will the investment be

£25 per month, charged on the 1st of each calendar month. Cancel anytime by letting me know before the 1st of the month. 

Sign up before the end of the day on Sunday 4th October.