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Help to grow your wholesale, make consistent sales, and avoid costly detours along the way!

The kind of help that feels like having a business bestie who’s been there and done that!


Hej! I’m Therese Oertenblad (Ørtenblad), and I work with purpose-led, product-based business owners who want to grow their wholesale and create a powerful, consistent income stream for their business.

In 2018, I traded heading up a sales team (and buying) to working with creative and purpose-driven brands such as Our Lovely Goods, Studio Wald, Made by Shannon, Claude & Co, Phoebe Grace, Wholepunching, Etta Loves, Hello Day Planner, and many others. 


My clients and students are now stocked in Liberty, John Lewis, Anthropologie Selfridges and many independent shops around the world. 

I'm proud that as their wholesale has grown, my clients have been able to leave their day jobs, which they hated and which made them ill. Outsource things they didn't enjoy and weren't any good at anyway. Hired their first team members, and amazingly four clients have bought their first homes!


I’m a regular speaker at trade shows such as Spring Fair, Autumn Fair and Top Drawer, and I’m on the national committee for The Giftware Association, the UK’s largest home and gift industry trade association. 


Based in the UK, when I’m not working, you can usually find me walking my fluffy rescue dog, Milo, through a muddy field or curled up on the sofa watching another season of Below Deck.


My mission is to help you find joy, ease and confidence in selling so you can build a profitable businesses that work for your lifestyle.

Your journey to a profitable wholesale business
- no matter where you’re starting from:


Knowledge breeds confidence


Plan for creative freedom



We plug any gaps in your knowledge so you can avoid costly mistakes and time-wasting.

Processes (plans) are your friend, especially if you’re someone who feels icky about selling. They allow you to grow your sales on autopilot.

Where are your sales leading you? Are you on the right track to build the profitable business you want? How will you hire that next team member, pay for that new garden studio?

"We now have 30 stockists in total - and that number is growing steadily!"



Quickfire questions of things you didn’t need to know about me but may read anyway:

Favourite food :

Carbs, I know, not strictly a food, but if I had to eat just one food for the rest of my life it would be anything potato or pasta based!

Most likely to binge:

Below Deck! I’m obsessed! Before lockdown, I really wasn’t into reality TV, but now it’s my favourite past-time.

Drink of choice:

Coffee, always coffee, it’s honestly the only drink I would never want to give up. I tried, for a week, and I never felt so ill!

Bucket travel destination:

Currently South Korea, Seoul to be precise. I’m adopted from there, and I'm trying to learn the language.

Favourite blooms:

Tulips, Peonies, Hydrangeas and Dahlia’s.

What do you collect:

Notebooks and anything stationery related, stripy tops, and too many open tabs on both my computer and phone, the latter is currently on 86!

 Will probably always be stuck in the early 00’s!

Be an angel investor.

Music taste:

Someday I would like to:


One of my first customers was John Lewis and Liberty and I sold to both the high street and indpendents here in the UK and abroad.

I'm an introvert

14 years experience

My method

I've found a way of selling that is comfortable to me. I recoqnise and celebrate the human element of selling.

I worked in the home and gift industry since 2008 and I've managed sales teams with big targets.

Nurturing, kind, down-to-earth, approachable, knowledge based on experience and motivating.

Never stop learning

I keep up to date with industry news and developments so I can give relevant advice.

Why work with me

Yay! You made it to the end, so let me ask you:
How can I help you today?

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