0 - 5k Running challenge

Updated: May 22, 2019

This post is going to be a little bit different, last year I tried doing a 0-5k running challenge but then I injured my hamstring and had to stop. It's taken forever to get better and it's still causing some pain but it's a lot better so with the weather getting a bit better I decided to give it another go.

Staying healthy and running your own business can be a challenge, I try attending a yoga class every now and then but it's difficult to make the time sometimes which is why I thought running would be good. I walk my dog Milo for an hour every morning so I thought if I could combine this with a run then I'm completing two tasks at once. I also hope that if I can keep this up I can make it back to my bootcamp classes soon, they are quite challenging and I don't want to injure myself again so running at my own pace and doing yoga is a start.

To keep me accountable and I thought I would share my experience. I'm using 5k Runner on my iPhone and so far I'm enjoying it, last year I used a different free app but it kept re-setting and then I had to do the same run over again.

The first run was hard, even if most of it is actually walking but I'm now on week 2 and tomorrow I'm due to complete my 2nd week. I am trying to run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and thought that I would update this blog weekly to see if I can feel any difference and record my progress.

Week 1 - Day one, I walked/ran 2.23 km

Week 2 - Day one, I walked/ran 2.60 km

Week 2 - Day two, I did 2.78 km

Since the amount of time running is the same in week 2 on day one and two I must have been running a bit quicker to achieve a longer distance which is surprising as I found it much harder on day two.

I'll be back with an update next week and hopefully in another 6 weeks I will be able to run 5k without any walking breaks. Finger's crossed!

Morning run with a view, Osterley Park and House

Week 3

I started the week early by fitting in a run over the weekend and day 2 was my longest run so far, 2.89 km!

I've so far covered 19.36 km in 4 hours and 44 minutes. I am feeling like it's getting a little easier but today I did get a bit of cramp in my calves which made me wonder if I have bad technique? Is there such a thing as running technique? Will have to have a google.

Week 4

Day 2 of this week was really hard, it was the first time I had to run 5 minutes in a row without any walking and it was a challenge so for day 3 I was really dreading it and I was oddly nervous about it but once I got going it was okay. I decided to focus more on my breathing which really helped me not think about how far I still had to go.

If you're a runner and have any tips, please do share them!

I'm now halfway to my goal and me and a friend decided to run a 5k race in June, still have not booked it but I am feeling okay about it and think I can do it now.

Total distance 26.47 km in 6 hours and 28 minutes.

Next week will be a challenge, I will be running much more than walking so I'm definitely a little scared.


I'm gutted to say that I've now not been for a run for almost two wees, I hurt my back and then I've had a terrible cold and cough. My back is all better now so I'm hoping I will be back next week. Feel like maybe I should repeat week 4 when I get back to it.

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