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A chat with... Carina from Ponderlily

I love to catch up with my clients and students who I've worked with and next up in my series of mini chats is Carina Lawson, founder of Ponderlily.

Carina makes beautiful, thoughtful and eco-friendly paper goods. like so many of us she definitely got in her head about selling at one stage. Read on to find out how she feels about wholesale now.

Ponderlily, Carina Lawson, Eco-friendly paper goods

Let's Meet Carina...

1. What made you feel uncomfortable with approaching stockists in the first place? I felt my business was too small and other products were better. I also worried about not hearing from them and feeling super tense about revenue. 2. What was the most helpful thing we did together to help you get over this feeling? Chloe's session was super helpful to get me out of the pitching pity party I was throwing myself.

(Chloe Slade has helped me so much with my business, shes is a brilliant manifestation and mindset coach and teacher and she's done a couple of special workshops in my sales course, the replays will also be available in my Sales Growth Lab course) 3. How do you feel about approaching stockists and leads now?

I am absolutely fearless, no joke. I'm super confident now and have managed to somehow "gamify" my pitches to get out of my head a little.

In Summary

Hearing that Carina is fearless is why I love my job so much, it makes me so happy to hear that working with me has helped her to grow her wholesale and I love her honest and inspiring she is!

I'd love to hear from you if you have a fear of selling and are dreaming of being confident and taking control of your sales. You can email me at or head over to my Instagram @small_business_collaborative and drop me a DM to find out more.


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