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Updated: Jan 20

Sam Burgess created Small and Mighty Co, a content marketing consultancy and a place where small independent retailers, makers, and creatives can find help and advice from industry experts who each month contribute blog posts covering topics such as social media marketing and advertising, SEO, branding, business strategy, PR and much more.

I'm so honoured to be working with such a great group of business women who have so much knowledge to share. The internet is full of free advice, great advice, conflicting advice, advice from so-called industry experts that turn out to never have worked in the industry they claim to be experts in and a lot of 'get rich fast' advice and it can be both time consuming and confusing to know who to trust.

All the experts, known as The Co's in Small and Mighty have been carefully selected for their experience in their respected field to create 'In- the- Co', a place where business owners can turn for advice that they can trust and that is relevant to their field.

Meet 'The Co's'

Small and Mighty Co launched on the 21st January 2019 and there's already a wealth of information and I would love for you to go and have a read. Below are the links to the content I've written for 'In-the-Co's' so far.

Product Pitching Tips: What buyers want you to know

Wholesale: A Tradeshow checklist

A Year of Wholesale: Actions for Quarter one

Retail and wholesale Business glossary

Part one: Nailing your pitch to a large retailer, written in collaboration with Catherine Erdly from The Resilient Retail Club.

Part two: Nailing your pitch to a large retailer, written in collaboration with Catherine Erdly from The Resilient Retail Club

Five ways Social media can help your wholesale

A Year of Wholesale: Actions for Quarter two

2019 Trends to grow your wholesale

Seven Tasks to get you started with wholesale

A Year of Wholesale: Actions for Quarter three

Five Ways to be a Good Supplier

Alternatively, click here to see the latest posts on wholesale.

If you enjoyed these blog posts and have any ideas of what you would like me to write about next, please do get in touch.

I've also been a guest on Small and Mighty Conversations and chatted with Sam all about my story, wholesale, and tradeshows. you can listen to the episode here.

If you're interested in working with me, send me an email to discover how I can help you. If you have any feedback or any topic you would like me to cover please also get in touch. I also share tips every week on my Instagram account.

Sign up to my newsletter to get 15% off your copy of my ebook to get you started with wholesale and monthly downloads to help you grow your business. Lastly, if you know of anyone who would like to start to wholesale or are struggling to grow their business please share my details with them. As a small start-up business, this really does makes all the difference and I really appreciate it.

Hello, hej!

I'm Therese, I help business owners start and grow their wholesale by sharing my industry knowledge and knowhow.

I've spent the last 12+ years in the home and gift industry in sales and now I help creative businesses grow their sales, implement a strategy and increase their profit.

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