Start to Wholesale - June 2021 course

Start to Wholesale - June 2021 course

Start to wholesale is a 5-week course with weekly live training. You can read all about the course and what is included on the course sales page here. Live lessons will be at:15th June @ 12 pm22nd June @ 12pm29th June @ 12 pm and 8 pm for our live Q&A5th July @ 12 pm (Monday instead of Tuesday)13th July @ 12 pm For any questions, please email Therese here.
  • FAQ

    What do I need?

    You don’t need to prepare anything. Ideally, you are able to join our group calls live but if you can’t make it they will be recorded and you can always submit your questions for the Q&A in advance. 


    How much time do I need?

    Each Zoom will be 75-minutes a week


    Will the group stay open?

    Yes, the Facebook group will stay open and next time around you will be able to help the new students and get a bit of extra accountability. I won’t be checking into it every day like I will during the course but I want to build a community where you can all help each other. 


    How long do I have access to the course?

    All the sessions are recorded and will remain available until the course runs again. You will then be able to join again if you fancy it.


    How big will the group be?

    Each time I run the course there are limited spaces but since this is a lifetime access course the number of students on our calls is not limited.


    Is there a payment plan?

    If you would like to split the payment over 2 or 4 months.


    What happens after you join?

    You will receive a confirmation email the week before we start you will receive an email to join our private Facebook group.

Price Options
One-time purchase
Pay over 2 months
£174.50monthly/ 2 months
Pay over 4 months
£87.25monthly/ 4 months