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This was a bit of a taster session for what you can expect from my course, Let's Talk Sales that is starting in September. There are 50 spaces so sign up now to secure your spot. 

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Let's Talk Sales

A 4- week course to grow your sales with confidence. 

Join me in this September to learn:

  • How to manage your time to make consistent sales.

  • How to never run out of leads.

  • Selling with confidence - what language to use.

  • How to be your own sales director.

If you're not quite ready but you still want to wholesale this year, have a look at my online courses, you will have all of August to get ready. Quite a few have been in touch to say that they are spending August getting ready and seeing the start of Let's Talk Sales as their cut-off date.

The Complete Beginners Guide to wholesale

There are 5 modules that you can either buy as a bundle or as separate modules. 

To take part in Let's Talk Sales you will need your pricing and sales materials ready, make sure that you book your ticket for the course now before it's filled up. 

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