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Boost your sales mindset workshop - Replay

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Are you feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated to sell your products?

And do you know you need to do something about it before Q3 and Q4 kick-offs?

You spent this spring jumping from task to task to attempt to re-ignite your sales without much to show for it, and it’s left you feeling frustrated, lost and second-guessing everything. You’ve started many things but found it challenging to follow through and get the results you crave.

Get ready to say goodbye to self-doubt and procrastination - and say hello to taking an active approach to selling without second-guessing yourself!

Hours have gone into learning about writing the perfect newsletter, pinning pins, making reels, and perfecting your product listings and SEO. You even took the plunge and started a TikTok account.


All the talk about slow sales, and low consumer confidence has really got to you, and you’re feeling lost as to what else you can do? You feel like time is running out, and it’s crunch time. The busy season is coming up, and you need to do something to re-ignite your sales and passion for your business.

What you want -
Consistent sales so you can continue to do what you love.

🌱 Consistent sales start with a strong sales mindset. Without this, it’s really difficult to get out of a funk and find focus when sales are slow.


🌱 In a recent Instagram poll, 81% said their sales are a “Shitshow” right now! And this is making you feel lonely and overwhelmed.


🌱 You can turn this around! You are the best salesperson for your products, and no one else has the same product knowledge and passion for your business as you do. 

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The solution: Boost your sales mindset; the replay of our 2-hour workshop to re-ignite that spark and get you feeling motivated and in charge of your sales.

Combined, we have nearly 30 years of experience in the retail industry, and we’re both passionate about helping you grow businesses sustainable for your life. Ie. growing your sales whilst still having time to live.


You don’t have to be struggling to have a successful business. You can grow your sales without second-guessing yourself with the right mindset to selling and money.


We started to think about this workshop last autumn, and after hearing from so many of you who are struggling with your sales at the moment, we knew that it was time to finally pull this workshop together.


Selling mindfully, purposefully and consistently is something that we know you can do and we want to help you realise this version of yourself.

It’s for you if you are a product-based business owner who lost your confidence in your sales, or perhaps you have not found it yet. And, if you constantly find more important things to do on your to-do list than selling because you feel insecure and unmotivated.

A fun and interactive workshop split into 3 parts.

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Move past your blocks and limiting beliefs to open up your mindset and get in the right frame of mind to grow your sales and take an active approach to selling.

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Sales Training and pep talk filled with practical ideas that you can implement on the day to make more sales right away. This workshop is about the now, not the long term wins!

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Master a positive money mindset and stop holding back. It’s very easy to let all the media coverage about the economy and our own money story impact how we show up and sell.


A more positive mindset, raring to go and make those sales happen.

A list of things that you will implement right away to re-ignite your sales, so you don’t lose focus.

Confidence that you can make it happen for your business + having made new connections with other business owners who feel exactly the same way as you to support you.

You will walk away with:

How students felt before the workshop and why they joined

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So what's the cost of all of this?

You could keep doing what you’re doing and hoping that something will change on its own. Hoping that your latest reel or TikTok will go viral and be the one-trick-pony solution to all your struggles.


Or, you could overcome your fear of selling and what is holding you back together with us.


You could move beyond chasing likes on Instagram and instead take consistent action to attract sales. 


This is your mid-year pep talk to re-ignite your sales. Let’s get you out from hiding behind your to-do list to stepping out of your comfort and start selling again.

Your investment in Boost your sales mindset workshop

  • A replay of a 2-hour workshop with Joanne and Therese.

  • Workbook to turn theory into practical steps that you can implement right away.

  • A 9-minute money meditation to help you reshape your relationship with money.

  • One-time payment of £97

And just who are we?


Joanne Griffin, from The Creative Flow Collective, offers 1:1 retail & mindset mentoring for creative product-based businesses to grow their sales, develop their product range and manifest the mindset shifts to create clarity and focus.

Combining over 15 years of working in retail & e-commerce for brands such as, plus a design degree and my yoga teacher training. I have learned that creativity, business and mindset are intrinsically linked. I work with businesses to move past the mental blocks and find motivation, support and confidence to build their brands.


Therese Oertenblad, from Small Business Collaborative work with product-based business founders who want to grow their wholesale sales. She helps you price for profit, teaches you how to sell in a way that doesn’t feel icky and helps you build a strategy with limited time so you can grow your sales and profits through wholesale without feeling alone and overwhelmed.

Three years ago, after spending 13+ years in sales, she traded selling mass-produced gifts to working with creative and purpose-driven brands that are now stocked in Liberty, Selfridges, Fortnum and Mason, Harrods, Fenwick, and hundreds of independent stores here in the UK and abroad.

As self-confessed introvert who had to learn to sell in a way that feels authentic to I love helping my students and clients do the same.

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How to know if you’re a perfect match for Boost your sales mindset workshop:

  • If you are a product business owner in a sales slump, unsure how to pull yourself out of this place and start selling again we can help.

  • If you’re willing to put in the work following the workshop and know that simply attending the workshop is not enough to get the sales rolling in (obv. That would be amazing, but we’re not magicians) then it’s for you. 

  • If you’re happy to learn and collaborate in a group setting and you know this motivates you and it’s exactly what you crave right now, then come on in!

Feedback from the live workshop

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- Arnelle Woker

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- Deborah Panesar

Frequently asked questions

When is it?

This is a replay of a workshop we hosted on the 21st of June 2022.


How long will I get access?

The recording will be available for a minimum of one month following your purchase This should give you plenty of time to catch up and re-watch.


I’ve not really started selling yet. Is it still for me?

If you feel unsure about selling, then this will help you get in the right mindset.


I’m not good at selling. Will I benefit from this?

Absolutely, you are much better at selling than you think and often when we hear this it comes down more to mindset than skill so this workshop will be perfect for you.


What will I get from the workshop?

A new perspective and some easy-to-implement tasks to re-ignite your sales. 


What’s your refund policy?

Due to the online nature of this workshop, there are no refunds for this service. 


Is there a payment plan?

No, there's only one payment option for this workshop.

Can I sign up at any time?

We will keep the replay up for a while so get now.


What happens after I sign-up?

You will receive an auto-confirmation and then a separate email with the link to the replay and your workbook.


What if I have a question after the workshop?

There is no direct support after you buy this replay.


I have more questions. How can I get in touch?

Please drop us an email,

So, at this point, it comes down to this:

Will you continue to ignore your sales, or will you do something about it?

​Can you afford to continue to try absolutely everything without getting the results you need? OR will you join us for the pep-talk and practical solutions you need right now to get selling again?


Your investment in Boost your sales mindset workshop

  • A replay of a 2-hour workshop with Joanne and Therese.

  • Workbook to turn theory into practical steps that you can implement right away.

  • A 9-minute money meditation to help you reshape your relationship with money.

  • One-time payment of £97

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