I appreciate that working 1:1 with me might not be right for everyone so I've developed a number of courses to help you get started and grow you wholesale on your own.

My courses are packed with information, tools and support and are delivered in my usual friendly style. 

Start to wholesale

Over 5-weeks I will share all the basics that you need to know in a clear way that will make you feel ready and take away all that doubt of feeling like you’re not ready. Knowledge breeds confidence and when you get clear on your range, pricing and sales material you will feel totally different about approaching shops and potential buyers.

This is a guided course with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get personal support from both me and the group.


The next course start on the 15th June 2021.

Let's Talk Sales


Want to take control over your sales and stop hoping that your last Instagram post will make all the difference in driving traffic to your website?

During 5-weeks I will help you take control of your sales, shift your mindset when it comes to selling, learn how to develop your sales funnel and find new leads and how to sell.

With lifetime access you can be sure to receive lots of support both from me and the group. 

The next course start on the 11th May 2021.

Self-paced masterclasses

Catherine Erdly from Resilient Retail and I have developed a series of online masterclasses, that will help you get started with your wholesale.


5 modules, that you can buy as a bundle or separately, all designed to get you started with your wholesale at your own pace.

A roadmap to wholesale success

Instant pdf download.png

A 18-page download to help you decide if wholesale is right for you and how to get started.

This is my ebook that was previously named, A beginners guide to wholesale.


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If you would like to work together on a 1:1 basis, have a look at my other services here