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Question for you...

How would you feel seeing your products stocked on the shelves in your favourite store this year?


Can you imagine...

Walking into a store seeing products you created being sold alongside a brand that you really admire.

Not panicking when someone reaches out to you about stocking your products? But instead, have a ready to answer, and so you can enjoy the moment and celebrate instead.

Not moving wholesale down your to-do-list another month, year and confidently reaching out to shops so you can grow your sales and business.

What would it mean to you and your business?

Would it give you more confidence? Validated your business idea? Feel like a huge milestone? Change how you and the people closest to you view your business? Allow you to dream bigger?

But where do you start?

Have you been trying to start wholesale for a while? Or do you have a few stockists but they are all on different terms and you have no idea how to set it up to work best for you? 

Have you started to design your wholesale catalogue? Only to scrap it after spending weeks trying to perfect it?

Do you wish that someone could take you through all the steps so you can start to reach out to retailers with confidence? 

Imagine being confident in your pricing and products and how you present them to a potential buyer and hearing back on your email pitch that the buyer loves your range and thank you so much for making it so easy to order from you. This happens for my clients all the time and you can make it happen too. 

In "Start to wholesale" I take you through the step-by-step process so that you can start wholesale with confidence.

Sounds like the perfect fit! 

The course is £349 and you can split this into 2 (£174.50) or 4 payments (£87.25)

Here's what past students have to say...

I would definitely recommend Therese's Wholesale course, I didn't know where or how to begin with contacting retailers or what they would be expecting from me.


I now feel confident I know which steps I need to go through and exactly what information they will be looking for. It's come just at the right time and I know I will spend the beginning of 2021 growing my wholesale business. Thanks so much Therese!

Tina - All Paper Everything

Therese's course was a great start to getting my wholesale up and running. I'm more confident with how to price my products and now have a much clearer picture of what stockists expect from a supplier.


The course is very thorough and Therese's patience and expertise shine through all of her material and live sessions. Thanks for getting me started.

Gemima - Honeydew Club

Victoria - Bikudesigns

Starting to wholesale can be really overwhelming and feel like a rabbit hole, you start to look into one thing and realise fifteen other things you need to learn more about and google can only get you so far.

Over 5-weeks I take you through all that you need to know step-by-step so you can get started selling to shops without distraction.


Knowledge breeds confidence and when you get clear on your range, pricing and sales material you will feel totally different about approaching shops and potential buyers.

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Here's what you will learn...


Week 1 - Get ready to sell to shops

During our first week, we will learn all the basics. We will talk about the market research you need to do to price your products, learn about getting your products retail-ready and why having clear terms and conditions and pack sizes matter. 

You will feel confident about replying to a stockists request asking about your minimum order and payment terms and what steps you need to take to make sure your products can sell in a retail environment.

Take away: Workbook including templates for your market research and your terms and conditions (for selling).


Week 2 - Pricing your products with confidence

This week is all about pricing, you will receive a handy template to use and you will learn how to use it and what to include in your pricing and why. 


By the end of the session, you will know how to price your products to build a scalable wholesale business and you will be confident knowing that you are making money on each sale. 

Take away: Workbook and pricing calculator template + a BONUS one that includes third party wholesale market places.


Week 3 - Q&A with a shop owner

Ever wished you could just pick up the phone and ask a shop owner for their help and feedback and how to sell to them in a way that works for both of you. This week you will get the chance to as an independent shop owner will join us.

You will have the chance to ask all your questions and or submit them beforehand if you prefer.

PLUS an extra Q&A with me at 8PM

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Week 4 - Sales materials that sell!

This is all about your sales material, this is what you will use to approach stockists and to sell your products. You will learn what to include and what you need to have, whether you decide to design a beautiful catalogue or a line-sheet. 


Having a catalogue or a line sheet and knowing that it includes everything a retailer needs to know will make you feel professional and ready to show off your beautiful range of products. 

Take away: Workbook and a line sheet and catalogue template + BONUS submit yours for personal feedback.


Week 5 - All about selling

In our final week, you will get an introduction to selling. The most common way to approach a potential lead nowadays is via email so this week you will craft your pitch email and learn how to make it relevant and personal to each potential buyer.


After our final call, you will be ready to approach stockists and buyers with confidence.

Take away: Workbook and introduction sales pitch email template. 

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The course is £349 and you can split this into 2 (£174.50) or 4 payments (£87.25)

What makes this course different?


The group is kept relatively small (30 spaces available this time) so there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get involved.

All my live courses are a little bit of a mix between a course and a group coaching program. This is as I love to help each student as much as I can, helping you move forward is why I do what I do!

You get lifetime access to the course so each time I run it you are able to run again and the private Facebook group remains open so you can refer back or catch up whenever you want. (I will be active in the group during the live course)

The chance to ask a retailer your burning questions about getting stocked in shops.

Workbooks and templates for everything you may need to get started. 

What's included?


4 x 75-minute group Zoom calls (45-minute lesson and 30-minute Q&A).

A one-hour long Q&A over Zoom with a shop owner.

Private Facebook Community group.

Workbooks, templates and checklists.

Recordings of the group calls will be available for catch-up in the Facebook group until I run the course again.

Lifetime access (life of the course), each time I run the course you can join in.



Option to get personal feedback on your line sheet or catalogue - upload it to the course google drive, and I will email you some feedback.

Evening Q&A with me in week 3. This is in-case you can't join us during the live lessons, and it's open to everyone in the course. 

The price calculator now includes USD, EURO and CAD prices and helps you to calculate your margins if you want to sell on any third party wholesale market places. We will chat about these in the course too.

Join us early, by the 16th of September by 11am and get invited for a bonus introductory, get to know each other call on the 16th at 12pm.

Your investment: £349

Payment plan available: spread your investment over 2 or 4 months.

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Nice to meet you!


I’m Therese and I love helping business owners like you to gain confidence and grow your business.


 I’ve spent my career in sales (13+ years). I didn’t set out to be in sales and as an introvert, I had to find my own way of selling and now I help business owners do the same. 

I sold everything from wellbeing and beauty products to books and novelty gifts to both the independent trade and national chains and I’ve learned that sales are really about accountability, consistency and helping others discover you.

I’m super passionate about helping you grow your business and for the last 3 years, I’ve helped over 100 businesses do just that.

How do I know if this course is for me?

It’s the perfect fit for you if:


  • You have a product-based business and want to learn about selling to shops.


  • You haven’t done any wholesale or just a little bit and want to make it a priority in 2022.


  • You feel overwhelmed each time someone gets in-touch about stocking your products.


  • You need help to stay accountable to make 2022 the year you actually get started with selling to shops instead of moving it down your to-do-list yet again.


  • Want to feel more confident with your wholesale.

It’s not for you if:


  • You already have an established wholesale business, we can work 1:1 instead.


  • You don’t want to sell to shops.


  • You don’t want to make an effort to get your products into shops.


What do I need?

You don’t need to prepare anything. Ideally, you are able to join our group calls live but if you can’t make it they will be recorded and you can always submit your questions for the Q&A in advance. 


Will the group stay open?

Yes, the Facebook group will stay open and next time around you will be able to help the new students and get a bit of extra accountability. I won’t be checking into it every day like I will during the course but I want to build a community where you can all help each other. 


How long do I have access to the course?

All the sessions are recorded and will remain available until the course runs again. You will then be able to join again if you fancy it.


How big will the group be?

There are 30 places available but since this is a lifetime access course there may be more students on our calls.


Is there a payment plan?

If you would like to split the payment into 2 payments of £174.50 each or into 4 payments of £87.25 each. 

What happens after you join?

I will email you the link to join the Facebook group the week before we start. This is a manual process so may take up to 36 hours depending on when you sign-up.


How much time will I need?

Each Zoom lesson is 75-minutes and the Q&A's are 1-hour. The additional Q&A in week 3 will be at a different time to our lessons and is meant for those who can not join the live lessons but you are more than welcome to join if you feel it would benefit you.


The amount of additional time you need will depend on how far along you are. Starting to wholesale does require a bit of set-up time but can later be maintained with a much shorter time investment.

What result can I expect? 

You will be ready to contact retailers and you will come across professional so that they can buy from you.


What result have past course participants seen?

Past participants have gone on to secure stockists and grown their sales. 


Will sessions be recorded?

Yes, each session is recorded and will be available for replay in the FB group.


Will you be on hand to help?

Yes, I will be checking the FB group every weekday for the duration of the course. We also start each lesson with a short group-coaching check-in and end with a q&a.

What if I don’t have time to complete the course?

You can catch up or join again next time as this is a lifetime access course. 


When does it start?


Why do I need a course like this?

Getting practical advice and know-how will save you time, both by avoiding costly mistakes and lots of stress.


We've all been there, frantically googling something and not finding quite the right answer so have settled with a copy and paste job that leaves us insecure and slightly paralysed of fear of getting it wrong.

If you have any additional questions, please email me at 


Look forward to seeing you in the group.


Therese x

Your investment: £349

Payment plan available: spread your investment over 2 or 4  months.