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  • I’m not confident in selling my products?
    Not a problem, this is common, and we will work on your confidence by giving you the knowledge you need to get started. You will also have the support of the private FB group and me throughout your program.
  • I’m not sure if I’m ready to start?
    Get in touch and book a call with me and we can chat to see if this program is for you.
  • I have already done my prices and catalogue; will I still benefit?
    If you feel that you need help with your wholesale and you don’t have loads of experience already then yes, you will benefit. I will be keeping the group small and there’s an application process so that I can make sure everyone is at a similar level.
  • I have some experience, but I think I need the discipline to keep me accountable, can I still apply?"
    Please do, I might recommend a different service to you or schedule a call to find out more before processing your application but unless you’re very established, I think you could benefit.
  • How many will be part of the group?
    Each group will have a maximum of 6 participants to allow for a lot of individually tailored advice.
  • Why do I have to apply to attend? And when will I find out if my application has been successful.
    I think that we will get the best results if everyone is at similar levels so I can tailor all the webinars and materials accordingly. I will be reviewing applications on an ongoing basis and let you know within 48 hours if I don’t think this program is for you and discuss options.
  • How many stockists will I get and how much money will I turnover?
    Each business is different, and I cannot guarantee you stockists, but I can promise that you will have the knowledge you need to get into shops and sell to them successfully. The end, result will depend on how much time and effort you are willing to put into it. Previous attendees has made their investment back within the first 6-months but there's no guarantees. This is not a get rich fast program.
  • My product is handmade, and I only really want a few stockists, is this program still suitable for me?"
    This is a tricky one as it really depends on your business. Get in touch and we can have a chat about it in more details.
  • Is there a payment plan?
    Yes, you can split the cost into three payments of £165 via direct debit. You will have a contract and will need to commit to all three payments.
  • What’s the refunds policy?
    I want everyone to be happy with the program, there’s an application process in place to make sure that the program is suitable to you and I do offer a free discovery call if you are unsure to avoid any disappointment however, I am unable to offer any refunds.
  • What do I need to attend?
    A computer, preferably with a camera or a smart phone and a stable internet connection.

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