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Mentoring sessions are on a break

Currently, I'm focused on helping business owners in my courses and those who are in my Wholesale Accelerator. You can find out more about the mastermind here.


Learn the skills, strategies and tools you need to grow your wholesale with 1:1 Mentoring

Confidently grow your wholesale with me by your side, avoid wasting precious time and money researching for advice that is never quite right for your business. 


Have you been thinking about, or tried to grow your wholesale for a while but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and distracted by what seems like a mountain to climb over?


Maybe you’ve been dreaming of seeing your products stocked at the shelves of (INSERT DREAM STOCKIST HERE) but you’ve not quite dared to say it out loud yet? 


How would you feel if you made that happen for yourself and your business? What would it mean for your business? 


Let’s work together over the next 6 months to make this happen. Together we will put everything in place for you to grow your sales and increase your profit. I will share all my knowledge of experience from having worked in the industry for over 13 years and I will be here every step of the way to support you and cheer you on.


Who is it for?

Product-based business owners that are ambitions and determined to grow their businesses.

Perhaps you’ve done a little bit of wholesale but now you’re ready to really go for it but you’re not sure how to go about it as previously stockists have come to you. 

You’re brand new to wholesale and don’t know how to start but you are excited about the prospect of seeing your range in shops. 

You have searched the internet, joined all the Facebook groups and spent both time and money on trying to do it by yourself and you’re ready to invest in making it happen.

You’re ready to get started selling to shops, like yesterday, and don’t want to waste time.

You’ve been told by shop owners and buyers that your pricing doesn’t work and you don’t know how to fix it or what’s expected. 

You’re not making any money on your wholesale.

We will work on all aspects of your wholesale

All my mentoring is completely tailormade to your business and below are some examples of what we may cover.


  • Make sure your products are ready for retail.

  • Review your prices and make sure they are future proof, this includes both your retail and wholesale prices as they go hand in hand.

  • Define where you sit in the marketplace, this will not only help you set your prices but it will also help you communicate your brand more consistently.

  • Delve deep into who your customers are and where they shop, this will help you speak directly to your customer and your stockists and make both selling and marketing your business much easier.

  • How to approach buyers to make them want to buy into your brand.

  • How to communicate effectively both with new and existing stockists.

  • Regularly review your sales so you can actively grow your business. This will make you feel much more confident and in control of growing your business.

  • Set targets and goals that are both achievable and challenging, I will be there to keep you accountable for each step on the way.

  • Making the most out of trade shows and wholesale marketplaces and how to market yourself to retail buyers.

  • Put a strategy in place on how to scale your business and continue to grow your sales.

  • Outsourcing and hiring new team members.

Throughout working together you will grow in confidence and as a result, you will grow your sales and feel in control of your business.

What's included

First off I will send you my in-depth questionnaire so I can really get to know your business and better understand what your expectations are by working together and what you want to achieve. 

We then book our first Zoom call to kickstart our work together. This session will be between 60, minutes and it will be packed with information and you will leave full of energy and excitement. You can record any of our Zooms if you would like to review them again later on.

This is followed up by monthly 60-minute long Zoom calls and all the support you need via email and Voxer.

You will have your own google drive with your action plan, which I will update after each call. This is also where any templates or material will live, which I will provide as needed.

As part of your team, I will be there to keep you accountable and cheer you on the whole way through

The first step to working together is to fill in my application form. I will then be in touch to chat more.

What others say


Therese is very knowledgable in her field and we have thrived on having her input and advice on all manor of things. Her experience and insights have given us a firmer footing in times when we felt unsure or insecure.

Her guidance has helped us to put in place systems to drill down into the exact numbers and profit margins of all products. She has also helped us to understand our limitations and given us the confidence to invest more in outsourcing work. During our time woking together we have brought onboard an accountant and an employee who is now with us 3 days a week. These simple steps are proving invaluable in allowing our business to grow and would not have been possible had we not had Therese's help in first fully understanding the numbers in the business.

SInce working together our business has developed a lot. We have moved to becoming a Ltd company, we have onboarded between 50-100 stockists, we've had interesting larger projects and collaborations come to fruition and with the guidance of Therese just started work on plans to expand into the US.

- Freya and Jakob - Studio Wald


Working with Therese was invaluable to me as someone with no background in the world of wholesale. We dug into the nitty gritty of my terms and she helped me to identify any flaws or potential issues in my entire wholesale strategy. This meant I could address these before they became problems. Knowing she is at the end of a text or email is also incredibly reassuring. I'll continue to work with her in the future as the business grows. 

- Claire, Take Monday


The advice I got from Therese was invaluable. She helped me move my wholesale business forward after I had hit a slight impasse and couldn't have been more supportive and knowledgeable.
All the experience she is willing to share made me see the logistics part of my business a different light and gave me clarity. Would highly recommend working with Therese.

- Megan and Frank, Pigeon Wishes


Have you ever been really nervous to ask for help? Mostly because you feel uncomfortable to admit that you do not know all the answers or you are worried you will be criticized or reprimanded. This was often my reason for not taking the step to ask for help. After joining the Let's Talk Wholesale - Facebook Group and following Therese on the @small_business_collaborative, I found her approach to be very genuinely interested in helping small business owners 1. to have access to concrete resources to get started in wholesale and 2. answering all the questions no matter how big or small with usable information.

And, that is the reason I decided to reach out about her mentorship program. It is one of the best decisions I have made to help me grow my business! Therese helped me significantly by giving me confidence in both my retail pricing and helped me establish competitive wholesale pricing. She answered questions on industry expectations about all elements of working with retailers not just pricing. I often reference my notes from our meetings and find the resources she shared to also be huge time savers when I am contacting perspective wholesale relationships.

Therese is a feel-good advice giver, there was never any pressure or criticism, which fosters a very comforting environment to grow individually and professionally. And most importantly, the advice is solid, clear, and targeted for growth. It has been a great investment and I look forward to continue to build our relationship!

- Nicole, The Singing Ant


Working with Therese has given me a really solid foundation for building the next stage of my business. I'm a newcomer to retail, and I found Therese's advice to clear and practical - in just a couple of hours she was able to create a plan that will stand me in good stead for the year ahead.


She has helped me understand what retailers need to stock my product, and the Starter Pack and catalogue we created has already helped me into 10 new stockists, with many more expressing an interest. Therese is well-connected and clearly knows the industry inside out - I can fully recommend her.

- Daniel Johnson, founder, Treasure Map Trails


  • I’m not confident in selling my products?
    Not a problem, this is common, and we will work on your confidence by giving you the knowledge you need to get started. You will also have the support of the private FB group and me throughout your program.
  • I’m not sure if I’m ready to start?
    Get in touch and book a call with me and we can chat to see if this program is for you.
  • I have already done my prices and catalogue; will I still benefit?
    If you feel that you need help with your wholesale and you don’t have loads of experience already then yes, you will benefit. I will be keeping the group small and there’s an application process so that I can make sure everyone is at a similar level.
  • I have some experience, but I think I need the discipline to keep me accountable, can I still apply?"
    Please do, I might recommend a different service to you or schedule a call to find out more before processing your application but unless you’re very established, I think you could benefit.
  • How many will be part of the group?
    Each group will have a maximum of 6 participants to allow for a lot of individually tailored advice.
  • Why do I have to apply to attend? And when will I find out if my application has been successful.
    I think that we will get the best results if everyone is at similar levels so I can tailor all the webinars and materials accordingly. I will be reviewing applications on an ongoing basis and let you know within 48 hours if I don’t think this program is for you and discuss options.
  • How many stockists will I get and how much money will I turnover?
    Each business is different, and I cannot guarantee you stockists, but I can promise that you will have the knowledge you need to get into shops and sell to them successfully. The end, result will depend on how much time and effort you are willing to put into it. Previous attendees has made their investment back within the first 6-months but there's no guarantees. This is not a get rich fast program.
  • My product is handmade, and I only really want a few stockists, is this program still suitable for me?"
    This is a tricky one as it really depends on your business. Get in touch and we can have a chat about it in more details.
  • Is there a payment plan?
    Yes, you can split the cost into three payments of £165 via direct debit. You will have a contract and will need to commit to all three payments.
  • What’s the refunds policy?
    I want everyone to be happy with the program, there’s an application process in place to make sure that the program is suitable to you and I do offer a free discovery call if you are unsure to avoid any disappointment however, I am unable to offer any refunds.
  • What do I need to attend?
    A computer, preferably with a camera or a smart phone and a stable internet connection.
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