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Hi, I'm Therese and I would love to help you build your dream business and keep the joy whilst doing so.

I’ve worked in sales in the home & gift industry since June 2008, selling novelty gifts, toys, stationery, beauty & home fragrance, homewares, table-top, pet products, and books. Each experience has provided me with unique and diverse learnings, and I’ve worked with a wide range of customers and products.


My industry experience covers all types of retailer, from small independent gift and home stores such as Vinegar Hill, to fashion chains like Urban Outfitters and Topshop, department stores such as Liberty, Selfridges and John Lewis and online retailers such as and Ocado (and many more!).


Since Autumn of 2018 I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing business owners to help feel more confident in growing their businesses and I feel so proud over all their achievements and growth. 


I created my business to support brands and creative businesses just like yours. I work with kitchen table start-ups and more established businesses with large turnovers,
everyone is treated the same, just like
having a coffee break (or FIKA) with
a friend. My advice is always relatable and above all, understandable.



I share knowledge and insight into
the real inner workings of the wholesale
world to help you take your
business to the next level. Over years of
experience in the retail sector, I know
what it takes to bring small businesses
up to speed so you can play with
established retailers.



This is almost the most important aspect
of what I offer – working together. Small
Business Collaborative guides every step
of the process with actionable goals that
build confidence and give you
the tools to grow your business
while keeping your joy and
love of what you do.

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3 or 6 months online mentoring for those who want a completely tailormade advice and accountability. 

A full day of in-person mentoring for those who are established and ready to scale. 

A one-off online 90-minute call to get past a specific challenge or get you started on your journey.

Join one of my 5-weeks group courses or sign-up to a self-paced course to get started and grow your sales.

Not sure what's best for you and your business?