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Sales Growth Club

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When will it start to feel easy?

You feel like at one stage there must come a time where you can stop chasing your tail and feel guilty and instead feel organised and on top of running your business.


To solve this you've tried all the organisation systems. You've spent time on learning and implementing things such as Notion, Trello, Click-up or Asana but now realised that planning without making time for your sales is never going to get you the results you need.


One day (soon), you would like to go to bed without the fear of having forgotten something important.


Or that feeling of not having done enough.

Do you feel lonely running your business?

You've made lots of great business friends, but when it's busy it feels lonely and overwhelming. Things slip down the to-do list and it’s a struggle to keep the momentum going without any accountability and regular motivation. 

Imagine being able to show up each Monday to work on your business and set your intentions for the week so you don't get distracted and end up feeling guilty most of the week.

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I’m here to remind you ...

...that if you are selling, and you are growing your business, then you're not doing anything wrong.

In fact, I would bet that you're actually doing quite well and that all you need is a little support, accountability and weekly motivation in order to feel more confident and at ease with running your business.

A successful business looks different to all of us.


For you, it may mean a more structured day with clear time for work, family and relaxation without the guilt and last-minute panics.


Or it may be, growing and scaling your business and hiring a team so you can take the summers off.


Or to have steady sales every single month rather than making most of your sales in Q4.

Whichever you want, consistency, accountability and motivation can help you get there.

Introducing Sales Growth Club

A group coaching program focused on helping you grow your sales, by offering support and motivation every single week.

The focus is business growth overall so no topic is off the table.


I am a strong believer in accountability and community and this is my take to deliver this to you in a way that encourages action rather than adding to the overwhelm and noise.


This is not the traditional membership club with lots of extra content and things to catch up on.


I see it more as a weekly accountability/co-working club with an added element of group coaching.

Here's what you get in the club

Club Meets

Every Monday at 11-12.30 we meet for 30-45 min of group coaching and 30-45 min of co-working*.


*Minimum 48 weeks per year, this depends on which day Christmas fall and my personal holidays. When there’s a bank holiday, sessions will be held either the Friday before or later in the week, often Tuesday.


Show up live for your sales each week to start off the week as you mean for it to go on. I believe that by starting the week and being proactive with your sales you will find it a lot easier and more fun to continue selling throughout the week.


It may sound counter-productive to spend an extra 1.5 hours per week on your sales, but by showing up and setting an intention and making a plan for the week ahead you are less likely to procrastinate, get distracted or feel overwhelmed.


Our calls are a chance to tackle those emotional ups and downs that running a business brings and to get support from me and your community of other small business owners.


Sessions are not recorded so there won't be anything to catch up on if you miss a session.

Club Chats

Once you join you will be invited to a private Voxer group where you can send text and voice messages and get help and support throughout the working week.


When you first start your business the know-how is probably the most valuable thing I can share with you.


However, when you're doing it and growing it, accountability and community become so much more important. Building a business takes a strong mindset and feeling supported and being kept accountable and motivated is a huge part of that.


So rather than a FB group that can often be distracting, we have a private Voxer group for any questions, thoughts and wins that come up throughout the week. It's a place to turn to when you need a little extra support or when you feel a bit stuck. It's not a busy FB group where we talk about our pets and what we had for lunch.

Club 1:1

Every quarter we will focus on reviewing the previous quarter and setting goals for the upcoming quarter, and everyone will be able to book a 30-minute 1:1 for extra help and accountability.


I do regular reviews with my 1:1 clients and check-ins and this is something I felt was important to bring to the club.


These are a quarterly business check-in to celebrate what you achieved, adjust any goals and plans and set new ones. It's a chance to work on your business rather than in it.

These may be done in-person during one of our meet-ups instead.

Club IRL

Every so often I will arrange IRL meet-ups in London.

Nothing can really beat meeting in real life. This is where we grow our community bond and really get to know each other over lunch.


I appreciate that not everyone can make it to London (travel is not included in your membership) each time and if meeting in real life is not your thing this is optional.

Pay upfront for the first 3 months £750 + VAT  and then £250 + VAT per month, or £250 + VAT per month.

How does it work? Here’s the Process:


The club is invite-only and only open to former 1:1 clients or students so you should already have a good idea about how I work and if I'm the right person to help you. But of course, I’m always happy to chat about it so do reach out if you’re unsure. 


The club is for you if you are already wholesaling, and have been in business for some time. It is not for you if you have not started wholesaling and selling your products yet.


Once you applied I will be in touch to hopefully welcome you into the club by sharing the secret sign-up link.

Once you signed up, I will send you our onboarding form and you will be added to our Voxer group and calendar invite.

We meet via the same Zoom link each week and I look forward to seeing you inside.

Show up

Show up each week and let's build our own supportive corner here on the internet and in real life. 

Since nothing is recorded you get what you put into it so show up every week, even on busy ones and make time for working on your sales. 

Your investment

  • Weekly group coaching and co-working sessions. 

  • Private Voxer group with direct access to my 13 years of experience in this industry. 

  • Quarterly 1:1's over Zoom or mastermind style in-person.

  • In-real life meet-ups.

Pay upfront for the first 3 months £750 + VAT  and then £250 + VAT per month, or £250 + VAT per month.


What do I need?

You don’t need to prepare anything. But this program is only open to former students and clients of mine. Applying to join does not guarantee you a place. 


How long will the program run?

When you first join you will need to commit to a minimum of 3-months in the club. Thereafter, you can cancel at any time with 1-months notice via email.


Please note, that the program is run for a rolling 12 weeks so depending on when you cancel you may miss out on your 1:1 or London meet-up.


How often will we meet?

We will meet a minimum 48 weeks per year, this depends on which day Christmas fall and my personal holidays. When there’s a bank holiday, sessions will be held either the Friday before or later in the week, often Tuesday.


How big will the group be?

There will be a maximum of 20 club places available at any one time. If needed we will extend the group coaching element to a full hour.


Is there a payment plan?

Yes, you can either pay £750 + VAT for the first 3 months up-front or you can choose to pay £250 + VAT monthly. After 3 months, payments will be £250 + VAT each month. This is your founding member's price.

What result can I expect? 

You will get what you put into it. This is an accountability and group coaching program to keep you focused and accountable on your journey to grow your business. Therefore, the result will be individual for everyone. 


Will sessions be recorded?

No, each session is live only. This is to encourage you to show up and do the work. It's part of the accountability element so do consider if this suits you before you apply.


Will you be on hand to help?

Yes, I will be in our private Voxer group and of course in each of our group calls.


When does it start?

This is a rolling program so your start date will be individual and will be communicated when I process your application.

What happens after I apply?

Once I receive your application I will be in touch to hopefully invite you to join the club. 

If I feel it's not the best option for you, I will let you know and discuss other options with you.

To make it fair to everyone in the club, I will do my best to make sure that everyone is experienced enough before they can join the club.

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