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Free resources to help you start, grow and supercharge your wholesale. I'm excited for you to dive in! 

Get your line sheet DONE  

FREE Canva Line Sheet Template

Set your business up for wholesale success using my FREE plug & play line sheet template 

Free Canva Wholesale line sheet template from Small Business Collaborative.png


Start To Wholesale

5 steps to start selling your products in shops​

  • 💡 Learn the one step most brand owners miss with their wholesale, but can make all the difference

  • 💸 Discover what margins retailers will expect from you in your pricing

  • ✨ Debunk the wholesale myths that are stopping you from starting with wholesale

Free Canva Wholesale line sheet template from Small Business Collaborative.png
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Get my seriously simple guide to...

Pricing Your Products For Wholesale

And finalllly get your pricing nailed

Get confident with your wholesale pricing by following my 5-step pricing process - and start pitching your products to retailers with confidence!

To help you have a successful first trade show, I'm giving you a FREE...

Trade show checklist

Don't forget anything vital & set yourself set up for success with your trade show

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3 Steps To Trade Show Success

The Playbook To Nailing Your First Trade Fair

3 Steps To Trade Show Success.png

The Sales Pep

When you sign up for one of my free resources you’ll also be subscribing to The Sales Pep -  a weekly permission slip and motivational chat to get you out there selling and wholesaling.

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