Let's Talk Shop Season One

Updated: Feb 26

Here's a long-overdue re-cap of season one of my podcast Let's Talk Shop and what I learned from each of my guests. If you have been tuning in you know I keep the conversations chatty and conversational and therefore I'm often pleasantly surprised about what ends up being the focus of each episode and I learned so many things from each of my guests.

I also learned how to publish and edit a podcast and how much time this takes, particularly when you're as slow as I am at editing. I love chatting with my guests but one day it would be great to be able to outsource the editing as it's not something I particularly enjoy or very good at but for now this really is a passion project and I love it when I get DM's and emails with feedback and kind words.

This podcast is an invaluable resource for small business owners and people thinking of starting their own business. Hearing the stories and advice from professionals is both inspirational and incredibly helpful. (review from apple podcast app)

Season two will be starting on the 28th of October with a very inspirational chat and I look forward to more in-person interviews this season and I've got a few surprises to come.

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Let's Talk Shop with Antonia from Tinker Tailor

Antonia has just re-branded her business and you can now find her shop under