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Empowering Product Businesses to Build Profitable Brands with the Power of Wholesale

Wholesale is THE quickest and easiest way to grow a sustainable product business without having to wait on social media and SEO to start working for your business.

My online courses and one-to-one mentoring can help you simplify your business, improve your pricing strategy, and boost your sales with proven wholesale techniques. 


My mission is to help you build a profitable brand with ever-growing sales that works for you.


Ready to leapfrog your product business to the next level of compounding growth? Enrol in my online courses or book a one-to-one mentoring session today, and start building the profitable brand you've always dreamed of.





Third-party wholesale marketplaces can be a great way to grow your wholesale, but if you don’t nurture those relationships, you will get a lot of one-hit-wonder orders from buyers that you will never hear from again. 


And trade shows are expensive! I love them as a way to meet new buyers and nurture existing relationships, but without the right preparation, you are more likely to lose money than make big gains.

What you need to make a consistent and reliable income is the know-how and a process with systems that work. 


If that sounds good, you’re in the right place.

Wholesale is not some secret club that no one granted you access to!

The Sales Pep

A weekly sales pep talk delivered for free straight to your inbox!


Are you fed up with wasting time on socials and SEO?


Keeping up to date with all the different platforms, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Google. It takes so much time, and it’s so hit-and-miss!!!


If you have a great product that customers want - Wholesale pretty much guarantees that you will get results from the efforts you take.

It can bring you consistent sales whilst targeting fewer customers and building long-lasting relationships. Wholesale can be this sales channel for you!

Time for creativity and things that bring you joy.

Systems that work

Stand out in a crowded market

Go on holiday

- not working holidays

Uplevel your knowledge and implement systems that you can continue to use as if on autopilot. No more spending hours without actually achieving much.

Build trust with retail buyers, so they have a reason to come back again and again. Just one more order each year from 10 stockists could be worth thousands.

With wholesale, you don’t have to close up shop when you’re on holiday. Your stockists will continue to sell your things while you’re sipping cocktails on a tranquil beach in the Med.

"Therese is very knowledgeable in her field and we have thrived on having her input and advice on all manner of things. Her experience and insights have given us a firmer footing in times when we felt unsure or insecure. 


Her guidance has helped us to put in place systems to drill down into the exact numbers and profit margins of all products. She has also helped us to understand our limitations and given us the confidence to invest more in outsourcing work. During our time working together, we have brought on board an accountant and an employee who is now with us 3 days a week. These simple steps are proving invaluable in allowing our business to grow and would not have been possible had we not had Therese's help in first fully understanding the numbers in the business. 

Since working together, our business has developed a lot.  We have moved to become a Ltd company,  we have onboarded between 50-100 stockists, we've had interesting larger projects and collaborations come to fruition and with the guidance of Therese just started work on plans to expand into the US."



"Since working with Therese, we have gone from 100 stockists to 1000 stockists in 30 months. And from £80k revenue to £350k This has allowed us to live a life working hard at doing what we enjoy while always ensuring we take time out for holidays with our kids. Making a comfortable living from our business has also allowed us to do important things like buy our own house and put money into retirement funds."

Freya and Jakob - Studio Wald

Our wholesale has grown 950% since completing Sales Growth Lab last January. During the 10 weeks of the course, we gained 30 new stockists.


Craft business

Since working with Therese, I have added 9 new stockists in 5 months, adding 4k revenue. This has allowed me to expand my product range.


Stationery business owner.

Since working with Therese, I have gone from 25 stockists to 77 stockists in five months. Since starting SGL I have increased my wholesale revenue by 15k.


Greetings and stationery business

Since working with Therese, we have gone from 8 stockists to 65 stockists in 18 months. Adding £22,500 in additional annual revenue into my business. This has allowed us to invest money into attending our first trade shows and growing the wholesale side of our business even further. 


Craft business

Since working with Therese, I have gone from 12 stockists to 72 stockists in 8 months. And this has taken us to a revenue of £70,000 so far for wholesale 2023 compared to £5500 for the same period in 2022.


Ceramics business

Since working with Therese, I have gone from 4 stockists to over 100 stockists in 3 years. Adding £34,000 in additional annual revenue into my business. This has allowed me to go from starting to pay myself a wage to hiring staff and buying my own flat.


Maddie - Also the Bison

"Working with Therese has been an absolute pleasure and brought the wholesale side of my business on leaps and bounds.


My primary reason for signing up was to prepare for my first-ever trade show in July 2020. I went to the event feeling 100% confident about my products and what I could offer to prospective buyers.


The show was a massive success in terms of taking and orders and I was so pleased that I had all my follow-up email templates all ready to send when I got home. All of this is thanks to Therese's guidance and hard work putting together a programme that works."


Emma - Stitching me softly

"Working with Therese has given me a really solid foundation for building the next stage of my business. I'm a newcomer to retail, and I found Therese's advice to clear and practical - in just a couple of hours she was able to create a plan that will stand me in good stead for the year ahead.


She has helped me understand what retailers need to stock my product, and the Starter Pack and catalogue we created has already helped me into 10 new stockists, with many more expressing an interest. Therese is well-connected and clearly knows the industry inside out - I can fully recommend her."

Daniel Johnson, founder, Treasure Map Trails


Untitled (1200 × 100px).png

Take the first step to growing your wholesale today:


Where are you at?

Whether you’re new to wholesale or a bit of a pro, we start by checking in with what you’re doing.  What’s working? And what could work better? Where do you want to go? And at what pace?


 The fastest and most impactful way

- that will save you a ton of time

Set the foundations in place instead of learning as you go and expecting your customers to teach you how to sell to them. Let me show you the steps I’ve helped my clients and students take to get stocked by their dream retailers, such as Liberty, Selfridges, John Lewis, and many more.


Time to get selling

It’s time to decide how much time you will spend growing your wholesale. 1 hour a day, 1 day a week, 1 hour a week? With all the knowledge and a system in place, you can grow your wholesale in a limited amount of time. Working on your wholesale may feel scary at first, but I will give you a tried and tested system that works!

Hi, I’m Therese Oertenblad (Ørtenblad).

I help you start and grow your wholesale.


I noticed that many small business founders spent a lot of time and money on exhibiting at tradeshows and seeing it as a marketing exercise instead of selling their products.


They didn't have enough experience to make a return on their investment, and all that money and time was wasted. Without guidance, everything was done by trial and error, which felt overwhelming and lonely. 

Running a product business isn’t for the faint of heart - we need to wear so many hats and keep so many balls in the air. And it can be hard to know what to focus on first. 

This is why I set up my business to help you price your products for profit and find your way of selling that doesn’t feel icky.


Simply put, I help you sell more of your products so you can continue to create products that bring you joy!

So … where to next?

Start To Wholesale Mockup (300 × 300px).png

Start with a free masterclass that teaches you the steps you need to take to start to wholesale.

Start to wholesale (5).png

Find out more about growing your wholesale with a whole library of articles over on the blog. 

Untitled design (33).png

If you want more support, find out more about how we can work together to get your wholesale on the right track with clarity and accountability.

A line sheet is how you will present your products to retail buyers in a professional way that makes it easy for them to buy from you. Download my template today to create yours in an hour, and get your first stockist this week!

Get my FREE Canva Line Sheet Template

Free Canva Wholesale line sheet template from Small Business Collaborative.png

What my clients say


I got to know Therese and her small business mentoring service on instagram and after we had our initial telephone conversation, I knew Therese would be the perfect mentor for myself and my relatively new creative business.


Therese's retail expertise and wholesale knowledge was exactly what I needed over this past summer. Together we clarified wholesale pricing, planning, pitching to retail but I also appreciated the attention to detail Therese provided, such as bespoke packaging and that extra personalised customer service which is often lost amongst big brands.


Therese, you have been a vital part of my journey and I have gained so much confidence and clarity moving my business forward. Thank you so much!   


- Nina D

Working with Therese has been an absolute pleasure, she not only knows everything there is to know about wholesale, she's also a great person that personally invests her time in your business.


She's so passionate about small independents and really wants you to do well. I was lacking in confidence when it came to contacting retailers, due to my lack of skill with costing but Therese has supported me, so that I know how to confidently price my products.


I can't recommend her enough and I know i'll definitely be coming back for more advice, when I reach the next level of wholesaling. The course has filled me with so much excitement for the future of my stationery business. 


- Clare, Ruby Blue Paper Co


I can honestly say that without Therese's help, we would have really struggled with our wholesale. As complete newbies, we knew very little about the world of wholesale, and after our sessions, we felt confident that we were prepared for our first trade show.


Therese was friendly, professional, very generous with her time and most importantly very knowledgeable. I would, without a shadow of a doubt, recommend Therese to anyone needing help with their wholesale. Thank you so much!

- Hazel and Jimmy, The Woodlife Project

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