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Wholesale is a great additional revenue stream for your business and can help you grow your business, establish yourself as an exciting brand and ultimately create the business of your dreams. A business that is the right fit for your life and that you feel excited about and proud of.

Let me meet you where you are in your business

Whether you're at the very beginning of your wholesale journey or you're getting ready to hire a team and scale your business I can help. 

Where are you on your journey?


You want to wholesale but you're not sure of where to start or even if wholesale is right for your business and you wish someone could give you a bit of clarity and direction. Does this sound like you?


You have a few stockists and you are ready to invest in growing your wholesale. You might feel frustrated and ignored which lead you to feel unmotivated and questioning if wholesale is right for you.  Let me help you!


You are ready to scale your business,  grow your team and make wholesale a significant part of your business but you're not a sale person and need help to set a strategy and make sure you invest in the right team.


I'm Therese, nice to meet you. I live in a small village in Bedfordshire with my husband and dog, Milo. 

I moved to the UK in 2007 and since 2008 I've worked in sales in the home and gift industry. I'm passionate about the UK retail industry and started my own business to help small businesses be discovered by their dream stockist.

Selling and growing your wholesale can be overwhelming and scary, the fear of rejection and the dreaded imposter syndrome can hold us back so we will work on this and find ways to get past this. 

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