Mini Story 6 - Jo from Beards & Daisies

Updated: Jan 27

If you followed me on Instagram for a while you probably know I love nature, plants, and flowers. My tiny office has 5 house plants at the moment and I almost always have some fresh flowers on my desk.

When I came across Beards & Daisies I knew I had to follow them. I love the combination of pretty flower bouquets and plants, I bought a bouquet for myself the week I first went full-time in my business and it lasted for so much longer than the bouquets I usually get from the supermarket or a local wholesale place. The only other time my flowers have lasted this long has been when I went to Covent Garden flower market super early one morning a few years ago.

Plants are a fairly new addition to the Beards & Daisies offering and the range of pots to go with the plants has really grown over the last few months and therefore I wanted to hear from Jo how she finds her suppliers and if she has some tips for you all.

How do you find new suppliers? 

Instagram has been an awesome place for finding new suppliers of plant pots for our collection of indoor house plants and chocolate and other gift options to accompany our letterbox and hand-tied bouquets. I generally follow their accounts for quite some time and then make a purchase or two for myself so I'm certain I'm a fan first. I visit a couple of trade shows per year along with visiting some smaller creative Indy markets hoping to find new and less discovered makers.