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The story of Pwts

Next in my series featuring some of our lovely independent shops we're going to Harlech in Wales to hear about Pwts from owner Meg.

The story of indie shop Pwts | Shop Small Business | Help To Wholesale

The story behind Pwts

Pwts is a tiny independent home and gift shop in Snowdonia National Park (the Welsh name for Snowdonia is Eryri). Pwts is based in Harlech, a small coastal village famous for its castle and massive sandy beach. 

Pwts is an affectionate term used in North Wales the same way as little one or poppet. It sounds like the ooohh in English words put or foot. 

Meg, owner of independent store Pwts | Small Business | Gift Shop Wales | Wholesale help

We’ve been open about a year, after I started Pwts from a place of desperation. I had reached the point of burnout in my old PR job, felt I never saw my children and needed to slow my pace right down. I just went with my gut which told me I’d be OK at this and life would be better. And turns out I was right! I absolutely love it.

What do you love about running a shop?

That I operate entirely at my own pace and the wardrobe (bright woolly socks and sandals and comfort all the way and the creativity. I definitely don’t miss corporate attire

Three small brands you adore stocking and why?

  • Ynys Aroma, aromatherapy products made in Wales that are stripped back and simple yet have the power to send you to another place

  •  Ian Snow as products are sourced with care and kindness.

  •   Cors y Gedol pottery, a local Welsh potter who has made us some fab pieces. 

Interior shot of indie store Pwts | Small Business | Gift Shop Wales | Wholesale help

Your top tip for brands wanting to be stocked by you.

 Always show me your face!! I really buy into the person and if I trawl for a face on socials or online and can’t find one, I often often subconsciously disengage. Also make an approach when you have a sense of Pwts: get to know us first so you really can see we are a good fit for each other. 

You can find Meg's lovely shop Pwts at Twtil, Harlech, Wales LL46 2YE. 

Follow on insta @pwtstheshop 

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