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The Power of Faire: How to sell and buy successfully on

I sat down with Charlotte Broadbent, who leads Faire's UK operations. Faire is a digital wholesale marketplace servicing over 45,000 retailers and 12,000 brands in the UK. We talk about the benefits to buy and sell on Faire, and the unique features it offers to brands and retailers. You can watch the whole conversation over on my Instagram here.

Here are the top five takeaways to help you buy and sell on Faire

1. Faire Offers Risk-Free Wholesale Buying

Faire is a revolutionary platform that offers retailers 24/7 access to various products, taking the risk out of buying. It manages payments and streamlines the invoicing process, by providing up to 60 days credit, whilst giving brands the option to receive payments quicker. That's why you may find some smaller brands, preferring that you buy through Faire if you want credit terms.

You can also get free returns on opening orders, and benefit from Faire's personalized recommendations, a feature that makes finding the right product easier, and quicker.

If you're a retail buyer, you can use my affiliate link to sign up to buy on Faire here.

2. Faire Direct & Customized Marketing

One of Faire’s outstanding programmes is Faire Direct. This enables brands to consolidate their existing accounts into one platform. The benefits for enrolled brands include no commission on orders, and they can offer their retailers free shipping for up to a year. Faire has established a 'brand success team' that helps brands improve sales by providing a clear strategy.

3. Building Trust in the Retail Space

Faire prioritises retailer trust, working diligently to build a stable and meaningful relationship between brands and retailers. Each order received is fully transparent, sharing all pertinent information about the retailer with the brand. This transparency does not infrail any party's control as brands may opt to cancel an order which does not fulfil their criteria, thus ensuring a symbiotic relationship where both parties benefit.

4. Faire Makes Searching Simple

Retailers on Faire can effortlessly find the products they seek. Using keywords or brand names in the search bar, retailers quickly locate desired products. Additionally, filters can be used to narrow down products based on certain criteria such as price point, location of shipment, lead time, minimum order and brand origin.

5. Expanding Global Reach and Supporting Independent Retailers

Faire stands committed to bridging gaps and fostering connections between brands and independent retailers. Its wide-reaching platform spans the US, Canada, and Europe, with plans for further expansion. Brands that register with Faire can push this expansion and help facilitate seamless wholesale trade across regions.

I hope that my chat with Charlotte helps you if you've been thinking about buying from Faire, or if you're a brand, looking to grow your wholesale.

If you're an independent retail buyer, shopkeeper, and shop owner, you can set up to buy with Faire really easily by using my affiliate link here.


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