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A Chat with...Janine, founder of Omm & Co

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

After Christmas, I realised I needed to share more of my clients and students thoughts and today's guest for our mini chat series is Janine, the founder of Omm & Co.

Janine started Omm & Co in August 2020 after realising how much joy candles bring her. I love that Omm starts for 'Our mindful moments', it's so beautiful and it perfectly describes Janine's business. Her candles are also paired with a crystal, crystal card and a Spotify playlist to create those perfect mindful moments and I hope you love hearing about her experience on my course and how it helped her to improve her wholesale!

Janine founder of Omm & Co, Mindful Candles, Crystals

Let's Meet Janine...

1. How did you organise your wholesale before taking the sales course?

Before taking the sales course, my wholesale was very reactive & ad hoc. Any enquiries were dealt with on an individual basis with no real process. I wasn’t confident in approaching businesses as I wasn’t sure how the whole process even worked & what they would expect from me.

2. What was your main takeaway from taking part in the course and how has your business grown since?

Once I’d completed the sale course, I carved out a process for wholesale, almost like a story board from beginning to end. As well as a much needed wholesale catalogue which gave me the confidence to approach other businesses, as well as be able to respond to enquiries with all of the relevant information. Since the course I’ve been stocked with 8 new stockists, including repeat orders & my very first retail store.

3. How do you feel about continuing to grow your wholesale now vs. how you did you feel before taking the course?

Since the course, I feel a lot more confident in knowing how the wholesale process should work & knowing how I want to offer my products. But also what works for me & the business, it’s taken some tweaking here & there to get to a place where I’m 100% happy with it. Before the course, I didn’t want to contact other businesses for fear of a negative response or no response at all, but Therese made me see that the worst that’s going to happen is they say no. And that doesn’t necessarily mean no forever, it’s just a no for now. I’m continually looking for opportunities in wholesale now & it’s an exciting place to be!

In Summary

It was so wonderful to hear that since taking my sales course Katie has 8 new stockists! Her confidence has not only grown but her wholesale is no longer reactive and ad hoc - the dream right?


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