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A Chat with Natalie Alexander Designs

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

As a designer wholesale may sometimes fall to the back of your list as you spend time being creative instead of admin heavy tasks but in this mini chat with designer Natalie we take a look at how you can change your mindset for the best.

Natalie is the founder of Natalie Alexander Designs, creating beautifully designed cards and bundles to save you time! She has a graphic design background which allows her to create wonderfully bright and creative greetings cards.

Natalie Alexander Designs, cards, graphic design

Let's Meet Natalie...

1. How did you organise your wholesale before taking the sales course?

Being a typical designer I spent a lot more time thinking about trends and designs rather than spreadsheets and organisation, so it’s safe to say they weren’t organised as well as they could have been.

2. How did you feel about selling before taking the sales course?

It felt uncomfortable, and very much like a sleazy car salesman or Del Boy from Trotters Independent Traders. It's not something I ever really wanted to do.

3. What used to be your biggest challenge when it comes to selling your products to retail buyers before taking the sales course?

There were a few challenges but I think a. knowing what to write to people to give the best first impression of yourself and your products. and b. How often to follow up with people. These were the main ones.

4. What made you feel uncomfortable with approaching stockists before taking the course?

I think the same as all independent businesses you put your heart and soul into your products and the thought of being rejected is awful. I was uncomfortable with what to actually say or the best ways to approach potential stockists and was just scared they would say no.

5. What was your main takeaway from taking part in the course and how have your business grown since?

The main takeaway was learning how to approach stockists the most effectively. Having someone guide you through the sales side of things removes a bit of the pressure, because you learn that it’s not as personal as you think and it's more of a numbers game. I now have around 45 stockists and plan on focussing a lot more on sales this year too.

6. How does having a process and plan like this make you feel?

Having a process makes you feel organised and clear about how you are moving forward. It has made me feel more confident approaching buyers. I love that I don’t have to use spreadsheets (did I mention I hated spreadsheets) to grow my sales, and I feel a lot more confident going forward.

In Summary

I love how honest Natalie was in our mini chat, and hearing how much a student of my sales program has grown their business is the best feeling ever!

New students tell me that they lack time, confidence and organisation. Do you feel this way too?

I'm here to tell you that you don't need to figure it out on your own. I'd love to have a chat if you feel this way. You can email me at or head over to my Instagram @small_business_collaborative and drop me a DM to find out more.


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