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Beautiful Homeware from Small Businesses in 2021

Next up in my bumper gift guide for Christmas 2021 is Homeware. Most years my Christmas list is full of beautiful homeware buys and this year I urge you to take a look at smaller brands for your homeware needs. From colourful cushions to brighten up any room to sustainable cowhide rugs, I've got your decor needs covered in this gift guide.

Beautiful Homeware from Small Businesses in 2021

I always find gifting homewares a very rewarding experience, they are thoughtful gifts that show you take notice of the recipients own home or style and you are helping them to update their decor without having to spend their own money! What better gift for a home enthusiast than a lovely new piece to add to their collection?

I would love to see if you've added any of these homeware gifts to your own Christmas list or if you've found the perfect gift for the home enthusiast in your life. Don't forget to tag me and the brand over on Instagram, you can find me at @small_business_collaborative.

Republic of Happy Colourful Cushions

Republic of Happy

Republic of Happy is the place for fun homewares for colour and pattern lovers!

Veronica designs beautifully made home decor products that are bright, bold and unique, ready to bring happiness and smiles into people's homes and lives.

Every print is lovingly designed in Cornwall, and every product has been made in the UK by some of the most experienced hands. Every detail is done to perfection. All fabrics are sourced from reliable and responsible producers and are digitally printed with planet-friendly water-based inks.

At Republic of Happy we believe in the power of surrounding yourself with beautiful things!

I first came across Veronica's products in my Facebook group, the bold and colourful designs make you smile and the hidden zip and contrasting piping feels really high quality and thoughtful.

Fun Fact From Veronica: I'm a graphic designer turned surface pattern designer. Originally from tropical Colombia, and now living in lovely Cornwall, UK. My graphic design background strongly influences everything I create. Bright colours are essential for my survival.

Price Range: £12- £59

Ariana Martin Design Patterned Homeware

Ariana Martin Design

Ariana creates joyful patterns, inspired by 20th Century design - and work closely with several small manufacturers to print these patterns onto beautiful stationery and homewares here in England.

Her work has been described as simultaneously timeless and fresh, mature and cheerful!

Ariana's designs patterns and products that are timeless, and she doesn't tend to follow trends that come and go.

I love how Ariana's designs are modern and a reminder of the past at the same time, it means they can fit into any home whether it's more country or more Scandi.

Fun Fact from Ariana: Since graduating from BA Interdisciplinary Textile Design, I went on to complete an MA History of Design and to research interwar textiles. This is where I fell head over heels in love with 20th Century pattern and textiles. My own aesthetic sensibility is galvanised by the work of these bygone designers.

Price Range: £2.50- £54


LÁAYO Ethical Homeware


LÁAYO is a lifestyle brand that specializes in ethically sourced clothing and homeware.

The clothing is made in small batches to reduce waste in the UK, the homewares are printed and made in the UK and woven goods are ethically sourced and produced by local artisans in the northern region of Nigeria.

LÁAYO originates from Titilayo which translates to [everlasting joy].

Victoria's designs are beautiful and thoughtful. The materials she uses are all high quality and carefully chosen to be as natural and responsible as possible.

Fun Fact from Victoria: I have a longstanding interest in fashion and textiles. This passion has allowed me to creatively develop on various levels. Over the years, I have gathered inspiration from my dual experience of British and African culture, infusing this into my style and home decor.

I started LÁAYO Home in 2019 with a focus on items for the home because my home has always been my sanctuary, a place of joy and creativity.

Price Range: £15- £80


Follow: @laayohome

Nina D tableware products

Nina D

Nina is an illustrator from Stockholm, Sweden who produce high-quality tableware products inspired by her Swedish upbringing and family traditions. There is a personal story behind each design, inspired by a special place or a person close to Nina's heart in Sweden.

Currently, there are six designs (with a new design launching in November 2021) in placemats, coasters, trays and linen. Handcrafted in UK and Sweden using sustainably sourced materials. Each order comes beautifully gift wrapped with a personal handwritten note.

Nina's designs are illustrated completely by hand with elements separately cut out and layered onto a painted background. Creating a striking two-dimensional effect when photographed. She use watercolour and pen on carefully selected paper with texture.

I love the two-dimensional effect of Nina's designs and the high quality of her products. I use one of her coasters on my work desk and love it!

Fun Fact from Nina: I launched my business one week before the global pandemic in 2020 but persevered and today we are stocked in California, Ireland, Edinburgh and Cheshire to name a few! I have a daily routine I follow no matter how busy I am - to stop for the 11am coffee break (called Fika in Swedish) with a sweet or savoury snack!

Price Range: £6- £50

Shell Flower handmade homeware

Shell Flower

Shell Flower curates the coolest of brands with a focus on sustainability and handmade products for your home and self. Here you'll find limited-edition collaborations with some of our favourite brands, as well as slow design items handcrafted by emerging, independent designers. They also actively support women-owned brands and makers.

Elle hopes that each brand found at Shell Flower will bring a little bit of fun and colour into your homes, inspire interior creativity or simply brighten someone's day.

All ceramics are hand-built and hand-decorated, and the textiles are all designed and made in the UK too.

I love how fun and vibrant everything at Shell Flower is and all their products makes for excellent gift giving all year round.

Fun Fact from Elle: I spent 11 years working in the music industry before starting Shell Flower. It was having a baby that caused me to slow down and return to my roots of creative design after struggling to find a job elsewhere due to being a Mum. Worked out for the best though!

Price Range: £15- £50

Zulucow Cowhide


The idea of Zulucow came from a family trip home to South Africa. Lucy was struck by the distinctive indigenous Nguni cowhides she noticed for sale on the side of the road. Excitedly, she bought a Nguni cowhide rug, bag and belt home. They repeatedly attracted admiring glances and compliments back in the UK. And so it began….

Zulucow’s high quality, cowhide rugs derive from South Africa’s Nguni cattle. The Zulus have bred them for their beautiful colouring and dramatic markings for amongst other things: ceremonial clothing. Nothing in South Africa goes to waste; the hides are a natural by-product of the meat industry.

Lucy's cowhides are like nothing I've seen before, they are soft and glossy and with really unique colourings. Lately, grey hides have been particularly popular. Sometimes cowhides can get a be mistakingly associated with the fur industry but really it's nothing like it and is much more similar to a leather bag or shoes.

Fun Fact from Lucy: Born in Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa. I created Zulucow out of a desire, to try and help create sustainable employment opportunities and skills development in rural communities where poverty is rife, unemployment well over 50%; but where creativity abounds and the quirky African beat lives on.

Before Zulucow Lucy was a TV producer for BBC Sport in London and she worked as a freelance camerawoman/producer for ‘Racing Post TV.’

Price Range: £10- £499


Yogipod yoga props and homeware


Yogipod is a collection of yoga props and homewares designed to build calm and rest into your life. Founded by yoga teacher, Georgie, Yogipod bolsters, eye pillows, meditation cushions and homewares are hand block printed in Jaipur, India and sewn by Georgie here in the UK, making every single piece unique.

The print artisans Georgie work with are clusters of small family businesses, enabling printers to support their families and share their beautiful craft with the world.

Walking as lightly as possible on the planet Yogipod uses sustainable materials wherever possible and every order plants a tree with Tree Sisters. Hand block printed in Jaipur, hand-sewn in the UK.

The beautiful detailed blocked printing makes all of Georgie's products the perfect special gift whether they are practising yoga or just need some calm in their life.

Fun Fact from Georgie: Yogipod came into being through a series of events that led Georgie to leaving her job in fashion and going travelling to clear her mind. Georgie knew she couldn’t go back to the fast paced world of fashion and instead wanted to create a business to inspire others to take the time to slow down and find their calm. It was while wandering through the markets in Rajasthan that she rediscovered the beautiful art of block printing and knew that that had to be incorporated into the business.

Price Range: £10 -£65

Follow: @yogi_pod

Jinny Ngui Design China Tableware

Jinny Ngui Design

Jinny Ngui (pronounced nu-wee) is a London based product designer. She create hand-decorated bone china tableware, designed and manufactured in England, UK. Her designs are created to either stand alone or to be mixed and matched. All pieces are perfect for daily use and are dishwasher safe (unless stated otherwise).

Jinny is drawn to patterns, bold graphics and colour. Inspiration is found primarily in London, from the wealth of galleries and museums, architecture, local markets, nature and the rich mix of cultures and her own Chinese heritage has been an increasing influence on her work.

My favourite design of Jinny's is this Twig to the right, I think it's so beautiful, initially, it looks quite simple but it's actually quite detailed and sculptural which I really like. I think mugs make excellent gifts both for people you know well and for those who you don't really know.

Fun Fact From Jinny: I graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2005 with a degree in Ceramic Design. The practical nature of the course opened my eyes to the world of manufacturing and craftsmanship. I spent 6 years working at Asprey with the Silver and Home department designing luxury products and bespoke projects in china, crystal, silver and leather goods. As much as I love designing, I really started to miss being hands-on and making, so I bought myself a kiln and started decorating small batches of designs with the help of specialist printers in Stoke-on-Trent.

Price Range: £9.50- £50

Little Things By Lucy personalised gifts and keepsakes

Little Things By Lucy

Joyful personalised gifts & keepsakes for guaranteed smiles all around! At Little Things By Lucy they believe in giving gifts that matter and love nothing more than a good, old-fashioned surprise, sprinkled with some happy tears of joy! The people you care about inspire the things they make. Sometimes it’s hard to think of a gift that will really mean something, let alone go out and find it when you’ve got a million other things to do. Everything they sell is designed to solve that problem; to be personal, unique and loved for years to come.

Their products are designed and personalised by hand at the Little Things studio in the UK. Gifts are made to order reducing waste and intended to last and be loved forever- creating family traditions and talking points, creating memories and passed on as keepsakes.

I love how you Lucy can turn your children's drawings into a keepsake gift to treasure and use for years to come, it's such a wonderful idea and makes for an excellent parent or grandparent gift.

Fun Fact from Lucy: Lucy has always seen the magic in giving a joyful sentimental gift which makes someone you love smile. Growing up, when giving presents she has always said “oh it’s just a little thing!” which is how Little Things by Lucy began. Many of the original designs include photo’s which have been inspired by Lucy’s love of looking back through old pictures and reminiscing about happy times.

Price Range: £10- £50

If you'd like to see the full Christmas gift guide for 2021 please visit this link.

I hope you found the perfect new piece of homeware for your home or for a loved ones by looking at this guide. I would love to hear if you have supported any of the small businesses featured so don't forget to tag me over on Instagram, @small_business_collaborative, with your lovely homes!

Thank you once again to all the 260+ businesses that took the time to apply to this year's gift guides, I really appreciate you all and it was so much fun put it together and to see everything you do. And thank you to Adele who helped me put this together. If you need help with your online product listings for Etsy, Faire, NOTHS, Shopify and more, Adele can help. You can find all your details on her website.


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