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The start of a dream and other ramblings

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Welcome, I'm so glad that you found your way to my website and blog. Just by reading this and having a little look around you are helping me to build my dream. I hope that over time I will be able to fill this blog with lots of tips and useful advice to help you build yours.

If you sign up to my newsletter you will receive a 15% off my ebook to get you started with wholesale and monthly downloads that I hope you will find really useful as you set out to start your wholesale journey.

For my very first blog post, I thought it would be appropriate to tell you a bit more about myself and my experience and also tell you a bit more about why I started this business and what I hope to achieve.

Me, me, me

  • I grew up in Sweden, in a small town called Trollhattan about an hour north of Gothenburg.

  • I'm adopted from South Korea and landed in Sweden on New Years Eve 2+ months after I was born.

  • I am dyslexic, I'm so sorry if I miss out any words, twist them around or fill my ramblings with spelling mistakes. I will do my best to minimise them as much as possible.

  • I studied Fashion & Textile design in Milan, Italy before deciding to move to London.

  • My first job in the industry was at NPW and I've never looked back.

  • I am passionate about great products and love giving unique and thoughtful gifts.

  • I live in West London with my husband, who's Danish, and our rescue dog Milo. If you follow me on Instagram I'm sure you will see him in more posts than it's appropriate.

  • I spent 4 years working for an independent book publisher where I did both selling and buying, this experience really helped me understand how it is to be sold to.

  • I complain at trade-shows (achy feet, aching back, no daylight, etc.) but I really love putting a face to a name and meeting all the lovely and creative business owners out there.

This is Milo

Why I decided to start this business

I've been thinking about what my next step should be for a long time and when I was made redundant back in September 2018 I decided to go for it.

I knew that I wanted to help small businesses grow their wholesale and decided that I wanted to still keep in touch with my stockists and be actively selling in the industry. I think this is important so I stay up to date with what's happening and who's buying what. I hope that I will be privileged enough to be able to choose who I work with as I'm really keen on working with companies that believe in the same values as me; who care about quality, social responsibility, and who believe in collaboration over competition. It is my hope that I can work with these brands and bridge the gap of doing it all by yourself and hiring a full-time salesperson.

I've heard from so many independent shop owners that there's a lot of small creative businesses out there that produce great products but unfortunately, it's very common that they get their pricing wrong, have too long lead-times, or are too unsure about things to give an independent shop keeper the confidence to invest in their brand. This is what gave me the idea to offer training and tools to make sure your business is ready to take this next step. Read more about the services I offer here.

Goals and hopes for the future

I hope that I can work with brands that will inspire me and who I can inspire, brands that will grow, and then be able to help other brands by sharing their experiences and stories. I hope that some of the clients I work with will end up collaborating with each other, perhaps by exhibiting together, attending networking events together, or maybe even hosting pop-up events together. I hope that I will find like-minded people who will want to be part of this journey with me.

If you're interested in working with me, send me a message to discover how I can help you. If you have any feedback or any topic you would like me to cover please also get in touch. I also share tips every week on my Instagram account.

Sign up to my newsletter to get your 15% off of my ebook to get you started with wholesale and monthly downloads to help you grow your business. Lastly, if you know of anyone who would like to start to wholesale or are struggling to grow their business please share my details with them. As a small start-up business, this really does makes all the difference and I really appreciate it.


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