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Let's Talk Shop Season One Recap

Updated: May 31, 2023

Here's a long-overdue recap of season one of my podcast Let's Talk Shop and what I learned from each of my guests. If you have been tuning in you know I keep the conversations chatty and conversational and therefore I'm often pleasantly surprised about what ends up being the focus of each episode and I learned so many things from each of my guests.

I also learned how to publish and edit a podcast and how much time this takes, particularly when you're as slow as I am at editing. I love chatting with my guests but one day it would be great to be able to outsource the editing as it's not something I particularly enjoy or very good at but for now this really is a passion project and I love it when I get DM's and emails with feedback and kind words.

This podcast is an invaluable resource for small business owners and people thinking of starting their own business. Hearing the stories and advice from professionals is both inspirational and incredibly helpful. (review from apple podcast app)

Season two will be starting on the 28th of October with a very inspirational chat and I look forward to more in-person interviews this season and I've got a few surprises to come.

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Let's Talk Shop with Antonia from Tinker Tailor

Antonia has re-branded her business and you can now find her on Instagram as antonia_sanchez_toomey

I love how real and honest Antonia is and if you're feeling unsure about phoning your stockists to keep in touch, listen to this episode as I'm sure you will feel inspired to pick up that phone after you tune in.

Antonia, Tinker Tailor, Tailor Made, Let's Talk Shop Podcast

Wow what an awesome podcast this is! Full to the brim of super-useful content and Therese is such a great host. The range of guests so far has been great and I cannot wait to hear more. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (review from apple podcast app)

Let's Talk Shop with Henri Davis

Henri has so much experience as a former retail buyer and was an established retail consultant and former chairman of the Giftware Association and I really admire how much passion she has for this industry.

Tune in to hear Henri's views on the retail industry today, where it's going and how flexibility is key for any business and more important than ever before.

Henri Davis, Let's Talk Shop Podcast, GA, Giftware Association

Let's Talk Shop with Kelly from Bookish and Bakewell

Kelly from Bookish and Bakewell started wholesaling last year and has a real passion for building a business that offers more flexibility than a more "normal" job but that definitely comes with its own set of challenges. We spoke about our love for books, how to stay organised and on top of your product development and how Kelly is building a long-lasting relationship with her stockists.

Kelly, Bookish and Bakewell, Let's Talk Shop Podcast

I am loving listening to Therese's podcast, super informative and inspiring guests. Can't wait for more episodes. x (review from apple podcast app)

Let's Talk Shop with Beth from Vinegar Hill

Vinegar Hill has 11 stores and it's still a family-owned business that sells both homeware, gift and fashion. If you're unsure how and when an independent business of this size selects and buys its products this is the episode for you.

Beth Austin, Vinegar Hill, Let's Talk Shop Podcast

Let's Talk Shop with Molly from Oliver Bonas

I learned so much about the creative process and how to stay current from Molly and its so interesting to hear how a large chain like Oliver Bonas work and maintain their sense of style and uniqueness.

Molly is very passionate about the business and I really think this comes across in this episode.

Molly Park, Oliver Bonas, Let's Talk Shop Podcast

Let's Talk Shop with Catherine from The Resilient Retail Club

I invited Catherine on the show as we do quite a bit of work together and we always learn something new when we work with our clients. In this episode, we spoke about how to create a product plan and why it's a good idea to have one.

Catherine Erdly, Future Retail, Let's Talk Shop Podcast

Let's Talk Shop with Jen from Join

Ever wondered how you build a truly sustainable brand that is accessible and not crazily expensive? Jen from Join has thought about everything and I learned so much about fragrance, essential oils and much more from her. A big bonus is that Jen has years of experience as a shop keeper and in sales working for big US brands.

Join, Jen Beby, Let's Talk Shop Podcast, Sustainable Candles

Let's Talk Shop with Megan from Curated Makers

Would you like to see more makers and smaller brands in our high-street stores? This is not always possible for lots of different reasons but Megan from Curated Makers has a solution to this. She runs pop-up shops in major retailers and I'm so impressed with Megan's persistence, work ethic and passion.

Curated Makers, Megan Jones, Pop-up Shop, New retail concept, Let's Talk Shop Podcast

Let's Talk Shop with Sidonie from Papersmiths

Are you a stationery addict? I am, I love stationery and in particular, nice quality paper products that are not boring and Sidonie has a real eye for just that. She sources stationery from all over the world and you can almost be guaranteed to make a new discovery when you shop in a Papersmiths store.

Hear how Sidonie finds new products, which is important when building a relationship with a retail buyer and what's next for Papersmiths.

Papersmiths, Stationery shop, Retail buyer, Let's Talk Shop Podcast

Let's Talk Shop with Vicky from Meanmail

Vicky from Mean Mail is straight-talking, honest, open and supportive of other small businesses and I find her so inspirational. I had so much nice feedback on this episode in particular about the practical advice that Vicky gives about making the right choices for your business, dealing with copying and much more.

Mean Mail, humour, greeting card publisher, Vicky Simmons, Let's Talk Shop Podcast

Therese is modest but super knowledgeable and really passionate about promoting small businesses. This is going to be an invaluable resource for makers and shops! (review from apple podcast app)

Let's Talk Shop with Alice from We Built This City

WBTC is such a cool shop and I love how many smaller artists and unique products they stock. It's really elevated Carnaby Street and in some way honours, it's heritage. This is one of those indie stores that a lot of the designers and artists I work with would love to be stocked in and it was so interesting to learn how Alice and her team select new products and how often they review their range.

We Built This City, Alice Mayor, Carnaby Street, Let's Talk Shop Podcast

Let's Talk Shop with Jo from Firain

Jo from Firain is the loveliest and most supportive small business owner and I love her curated range of beautiful products that are selected to be treasured. Jo and I talked about the challenges of opening a new small store on a tight budget and how she encouraged her shoppers to think before they buy and to only buy things that they truly love/need.

Firain, Jo McCarthy, Online boutique, Slow Living, Let's Talk Shop Podcast

First off Therese has such a soothing voice! I love all the information she and her guests share on the retail industry. The combination of brands and experts works so well for a great balance of perspectives. (review from apple podcast app)

Lastly, season two is now full but you can apply to be a guest on season 3 which will launch next spring here.


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