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Meet the business women - key learnings from my Instagram lives

I’ve been so lucky since I started my business and throughout my career to be able to meet so many incredible female business owners and connect with them on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. It can sometimes be easy to forget that this in itself is truly amazing and worth celebrating.

At the start of March 2021, I spoke to a few of these incredible business women I admire and feel inspired by in a series of lives on Instagram.

Here’s a summary of all the key takeaways from each live and if you missed them you can find them all over on my Instagram.

Nerrisa Pratt the woman behind Untld project.

The Untld Project is a PR, Marketing and Social media agency specialising in creative, crafty and independent brands⁣⁣⁣. Nerrisa founded Untld Project after she started working on projects with crafty brands and realised there was a gap in the market. Nerrisa also runs a craft kit brand and The Craft Book Club which is launching soon. Alongside running these businesses Nerrisa is also a freelance content creator on Instagram for crafty brands.

In our chat, we spoke about:

  1. Learning how to run multiple businesses with lots of ideas and how she got to the stage she is at now.

  2. Being a woman in business especially being a brown woman and how it would be great to live in a society where this conversation was not needed.

  3. The importance of focusing on high impact tasks including an achievable to-do list and how outsourcing is important when you want to grow your business.

Key takeaway:

Create goals and realistic deadlines for yourself, look after yourself and do what you love.

Catch the episode here.

Amy, founder of Hello Treacle

Hello Treacle is a business that Amy started with the idea focused on infertility as it is close to her heart and her goal was and still is to proudly raise awareness and support people facing fertility problems. The Hello Treacle product range includes cards, badges, pins, pouches, acrylic accessories all focused on positivity and happiness.

In our chat, we spoke about:

  1. Putting yourself out there, why it’s scary sometimes and but why it’s worth being authentic no matter what life throws at you.

  2. Why it’s ok to stand up for what you believe in even if others might disagree and how the business now gives back to charity.

  3. Comparison can be the thief of joy, and why if you keep your eyes in your lane you will have much more personal satisfaction.

Key takeaway

Don’t compare somebody else's middle to your beginning as it will never be a fair comparison. Your moment will come.

Catch the episode here

Taz Johnston, from XOandQuin

XOandQuin is an eco-conscious lifestyle brand founded by Taz and her product range includes eco-friendly packaging supplies alongside greeting cards and gifts. Taz founded the business by starting an Etsy store for her greeting cards on a whim and now works B2C with her packaging supplies and B2B with her greeting cards.

In our chat, we spoke about:

  1. What selling on Amazon is really like as a handmade business and the stigma attached to selling on Amazon.

  2. Why it’s great to have an accountability partner.

  3. Why we all should learn how to rest more and take holidays to take care of ourselves better, especially when dealing with important business aspects such as VAT.

Key takeaway

Work on yourself and your business and don’t commit to something you don’t have the time for and don’t be disheartened if you don’t please everybody - we are all learning.

Catch the episode here

Megan from Pigeon Wishes

Pigeon Wishes is an eco-sustainable fabric and button supplier run by wife and husband team Meg and YuHao in Liverpool. Their business is predominantly wholesale and they source beautiful fabrics from all over the world.

In our chat, we spoke about:

  1. How they play a part in slowing down the mass waste of fabric produced in China.

  2. The challenges and joys of importing stock from China especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  3. A few sensitive subjects such as racism and being a woman in business.

Key takeaway

Why it's so important to do your research on regulations if you want to work with China and find people that you trust.

Catch the episode here

Niamh is an embroidery artist who runs Wimperis Embroidery selling fun and colourful embroidery kits and a monthly embroidery kit subscription box - We Stitch Kit. (which I can tell you from my own experience is very fun!)

During the pandemic, Niamh lost her ‘normal’ receptionist job which in turn led her into making her business a full-time hustle!

In our chat, we spoke about:

1.What it’s like running a business with a chronic illness.

2.How we can all learn to have more compassion and be more understanding for others especially in the workplace.

3.Why it’s important to talk about our battles and be open about what we are going through.

Key takeaway

Talk about your daily wins and struggles, you never know who is listening and who you might be helping by sharing your story.

Catch the episode here

In Summary

Before I found this amazing network of women I had not met anyone who was willing to be this open about daily struggles, illnesses, racism and mental health and this series of IGTV lives have not only been eye-opening but also a learning curve that I am ever so grateful for.

You can catch all of the episodes over on my Instagram and

if you’re unsure about how to get started with your wholesale, apply to work with me 1:1 here.


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