Mini story 4 - Juliet - Wholesaler

Updated: Jan 20

After two decades in the retail industry, working as a buyer for large businesses, Juliet decided to take the plunge and set up her own business, Croftrose. A business that could fit in around her family life and allow her to stay creative and develop new products

Juliet creates unique decorations that can be personalised, each decoration is exclusive to Croftrose and it takes around 6 months to develop a new design. You can read more about the process on the Croftrose website.

I came across Juliet on Instagram, @cruftroseltd, and thought that since she has been both a buyer and now a seller she would be able to share some great knowledge with us all and I'm so grateful that she agreed to take part.

How long have you offered your range to retailers? and how did you get your first stockist?

I started offering my range to retailers 5 years ago.  I got my first stockists from cold calling a handful of people I thought would be a good match with me. It seems quite brave when I look back and it was very nerve-racking, but that's how I did it!