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Pretty Witty Academy - Guest Tutor

Updated: May 31, 2023

I meet Suzi Witt at the Congregation of Inspiration that was Hosted by Holly Tucker in September 2018. It was the same week that I had been made redundant and I just decided to start my own business. Suzi is amazingly supportive of female entrepreneurs and I admire how driven she is whilst still keeping it real.

Pretty Witty Academy. a guest tutor blog with Suzi Witt.

I was so happy when she got in touch earlier in the year to ask if I wanted to create a couple of courses as a guest tutor for Pretty Witty Academy, an online cake school that also hosts a business academy.

Recording these courses proved a challenge, I never realised how loud and dark my house is before. We live under the flight patch so I could only record when the planes flew in elsewhere and then it was too dark. When I record a podcast it's fine as I can keep the microphone really close to my face and edit out the background noise but for this it wasn't a possibility. Anyhow, after lots of attempts I borrowed a ring light from a friend which really helped.

The first course which is already live in the academy is " Get started with wholesale" and it will teach you the basics of wholesaling and how to go from an idea to being stocked in shops.

The next course is on trade-shows where I talk about the importance of having clear goals set, what to think about before the show, what to do at the show and the importance of following up after the show and how to go about it.

Pretty Witty Academy is filled to the brim with useful information for cake businesses, there are so many great tutorials on how to do various cake decorating elements and with the added benefit of the academy I think it's extremely good value for money. So if you're a cake business I really recommend that you check it out.

Suzi is really passionate about her business and she's very active on the platform, hosting regular masterminds and giving advice in the forum.

If you have any questions at all about wholesale or you would like to work one-on-one with me you can send me an email here - I'd love to chat..


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