Welcoming my new branding

Updated: Mar 25

In 2019 I entered into a competition and I actually won!

Since I started my business I always wanted to work with someone to help me with my branding but I felt it wasn't something I could afford to prioritise back then so when I saw that Tickety Boo was running a branding competition I decided to enter. With so many brilliant businesses I didn't think I had a chance so I was so surprised when I was selected to be on their shortlist and ultimately win. In this post, I will speak about the process we went through to get there.

Why I entered

I felt since I started my business that I have been working on and learning more about my brand and where I sit in the marketplace and who I want to appeal to but I never felt confident in how to visualise it and I also felt unsure about how to clearly communicate in my brand voice with authority and still keep the friendly and nurturing tone that is so important to me.

I felt conflicted and would jump from colour and style depending on how I felt on that particular day and there was very little consistency in my brand and the content I shared.

I hoped that winning would help me develop a clearer brand voice and look and this would in turn make me feel more confident in my next steps on my business journey.

The process