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Why I decided to launch group training programs

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

You might have heard about my group training programs already, if not, you can read more about them here but I also thought I would write a little post about why I decided to launch them and why I'm so excited about them.

I go into detail about what the programs include on my website so I won't cover it in detail here again but if you've been looking at any of the programs and would like to apply you can do so here. If you're unsure and want to find out more, just drop me an email and I will get back to you,

One of my dreams when starting this business was to be able to connect people at the same stage of their journey to work collaboratively but in their own businesses. There is so much advice out there but often very conflicting and it's hard to find advice that is relevant to us here in the UK and I believe that by working together we can make it happen for our own businesses quicker than if we all work separately.

Having a community is so beneficial in so many ways but for these groups, I think there are 3 key benefits of them being a group training program.

1. Support, we will all be there to help each other. If our confidence wavers, we will be there for each other.

2. Accountability, there will be little space for procrastination and we will keep each other on track.

3. Budget, working with me one-on-one you could expect to get just as much support but it would cost a lot more and as small businesses new to wholesale it might be difficult to stretch to this.

I hear so often that when it comes to something we're not that confident in it get's put to the bottom of the to-do list, I'm exactly the same, hence me writing this blog post at 7 pm on Monday evening even though I had all day at my desk. Blogging is not one of my strengths and something I often push to the next day.

What do you want to achieve in your business this year? If you've been wanting to get started with wholesale and not been sure of how to get going, or perhaps you've been reading the blog, watched my IGTV episodes, and joined my Facebook group, Let's talk - wholesale but it's all been a bit overwhelming so you haven't sat down to make a plan yet? These programs might be for you. They will set you up so that you are ready to really make a go out of it this year, in time for the busy buying season that starts in September.

If you have any questions, please get in touch, If you want to read more about the program, have a look here, and if you want to read more about me, you can have a look here.


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