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DIY your PR with PR Dispatch

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

I'm often asked about PR, it can give your brand a boost both because of the increased visibility and social proof as well as your own confidence as a small business owner. However, PR can be expensive and appointing a PR agency on a retainer does not guarantee you any coverage. This is why whenever the discussion of PR comes up I always recommend PR Dispatch. I think it's a wonderful business and so many of my clients are members.

I really admire Rosie who founded PR dispatch and how she's built something that really helps small business owners do their own PR without having to invest thousands.

If you want to find out more about the platform and how to do your PR in 30 minutes a week, have a look at their latest webinar.

This year (2020) PR Dispatch have been nominated as one of this year’s Small Business Saturday’s Small

Business 100. To celebrate they’ll be giving away a years free PR membership to one brand on

their small business day, 2nd December.

PR Dispatch is the UK’s first affordable PR platform dedicated to giving product-based

businesses all of the tools, confidence and contacts they need to DIY their own PR from just £53 /

mo. Founded by multi-award-winning PR entrepreneur Rosie Davies-Smith in 2017, PR Dispatch

was created as an affordable alternative to support the thousands of independent UK brands who

simply can’t afford the excessive costs of a traditional PR agency. With memberships spanning

across lifestyle, fashion, beauty, wellness, kids and culinary their members have gained coverage

in key national publications and online outlets usually reserved for big-name brands.

As part of their Small Business 100 2020 nomination, PR Dispatch will be holding an Instagram

giveaway on the 2nd of December to celebrate. The giveaway will give your brand a chance of

winning a years free membership at PR Dispatch in a category of your choice. PR Dispatch will

choose a winner at random and announce it on an IGTV Live at 6pm that evening. This

competition is open to current members and non-members of PR Dispatch. A great opportunity to

become part of their community and learn how to contact the press!

Small Business Saturday will be celebrated by many on the 5th of December. Now in its eighth year

in the UK, the campaign has grown significantly each year with an estimated £800m spent in

small businesses across the UK on 2019's Small Business Saturday, with a record turnout of 17.6

million people choosing to shop small on the day. Now more than ever, Small Businesses

Saturday is so important to help give your local and independent businesses a boost before


To enter, simply head to their Instagram (@PRDispatch), on the 2nd of December from 9am. Make

sure you're following them and locate their small business 100 post. Then tag three brands that

you’re going to shop with this Small Business Saturday.

To sign up, register for one of their tours of the platform over on their website.


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