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Faire Tips for Brands: SEO

Guest Blog By Bee Dohnt (SEO Bitch)

The Faire wholesale platform is an excellent tool for connecting buyers with suppliers - this we know from the statistics alone. With over 700,000 buyers and 150,000 brands, the platform is a hotbed of activity.

Wait, does this mean your products are competing for attention against those of 150,000+

other brands? Ya, sorry! To do so effectively, you can work on your SEO.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an enormous concept, but understanding the very core

principles and applying them to your Faire product listings will send them soaring to the top

of the search results.

Basically, the search bar of Faire acts as a matchmaker: trying to connect a buyer with

products that match what they’ve typed in (known as a search query). So, when a buyer is

shopping and looking for - for example - greeting cards to stock in their stationery store, they

will type words like “birthday cards” or “Christmas cards”, depending on what they want to

sell. Or if they’re a pet store, they might write “dog collars”. You get the idea. These search

queries are known as “keywords”.

SEO is a set of guidelines that you can follow that ensure that your products will match a

search query. Faire has “100 factors” that make up its guidelines, and if you can implement

these onto your store and product listings, you’ll be streets ahead of those who don’t.

What are Faire’s SEO Guidelines?

The guidelines break down into three categories: brand performance, retailer preference,

and product descriptions.

Brand performance is things like:

● Having a low order minimum

● Having lots of 5 star reviews

● Having a short fulfillment time

Retailer preference is out of a brand’s control: it’s just how the algorithm files away products

that a retailer has already searched or bought.

Product Descriptions are the words and images used to describe your products. You get

1,000 characters to describe your products, which you should pack full of keywords to

ensure they meet the search queries. You also get 60 characters for the product title which

also needs keywords in it.

Don’t Copy Paste Content

One important thing to remember: all of your products need unique descriptions. You can’t

copy-paste them all, because the matchmaker is lazy: once it reads a description once, it

wont read it again, so your products will be ignored! It’s crucial that every single one of your

product descriptions is full of text that is full of keywords and unique.

Done is Better than Perfect

This blog is a shallow coverage of the things you can do to improve your Faire product

listings to get more visibility. If you’re interested in step-by-step instructions on how to do

this yourself, I recommend The Ultimate Guide to Faire SEO, which will teach you exactly

what to write and all the settings to implement for absolute optimisations.

If you’re not a confident writer, you can outsource the job to an expert (hi! It’s me, Bee!) who

can write optimised product descriptions for you. The important thing to understand with

optimising your Faire product listings is that doing something is better than nothing, and with

every small step you’ll be ahead of all the brands doing nothing!

For more information about SEO for small creative businesses, check out SEO Bitch on

SEO Bitch is a boutique consultancy providing SEO strategy and content for small creative

businesses. See more at


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