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First Workshop - Upscale your wholesale: working with larger retailers

Updated: May 26, 2023

9th April 2019 was another first for me, Catherine Erdly from The Resilient Retail Club and I ran a workshop together with PR dispatch and I'm still on a little high from the experience. As I sat on the train on the way home I just felt really thankful, for getting to do this as a job and I had a lovely little moment of just feeling thankful and very, very grateful.


The workshop was all about up-scaling your wholesale.

Are you unsure of how to upscale your wholesale business? Would you like to start selling to larger retailers but you’re unsure of where to start?

This workshop will get you started and pitching to the right retailers for your business. We will cover how to find the details of the buyers and what large retailers will expect of you so you can come across as professional and trustworthy.

You will walk away from the workshop with a clear idea of how to approach larger retailers and who to approach, the email format for 5 large retailers, and an elevator pitch to use to get in front of the right buyers.


Upscale your wholesale: working with larger retailers work shop

It really helped that all the attendees were so engaging and kept asking questions which I really appreciated and it was so nice to meet some of the people I've been chatting to on Instagram and Facebook over the last few weeks.

Throughout I did still get a bit of a shaky voice and felt like I was having hot-flushes but in the end, I think it came together and I'm really pleased with the workshop and would love to run it again.

As with anything new where I need to put myself out there, the dreaded Impostor Syndrome always had me worrying that tickets won't sell so it was nice that Martha from PR Dispatch did all the organising and that they also sold the tickets.

Catherine Erdly of Resilient Retail

Having Catherine there with me was so great, Catherine comes from a merchandising background (the merchandisers in bigger businesses hold the purse strings, they decide how many needs to be ordered of something and work on the strategy together with the buying team), and has worked as part of several big retailers buying team. When I first got talking to PR Dispatch about hosting a workshop I thought it would be great to have Catherine on-board, although some of our work overlaps, our experience comes from two different sides and I think that we compliment each other well.

Hopefully this workshop will be the first of many and if you would be interested in attending this workshop in the future, please get in touch and I will put your name down and make sure to let you know if we run it again.

Find out more about PR Dispatch and the work they do here and read more about Catherine and what she can help with here.


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