The language of sales

Updated: Mar 5

How we communicate and the words we choose can really change how we are perceived and therefore the outcome of the conversation, whether it is by phone, in-person or by email.

Not using the most appropriate language can cause someone to completely shut down and using words that are perceived as positive can help you connect with someone and can be the start of something new.

As we use our words all the time it’s easy to forget that they really matter, we take them for granted but by giving it some thought and by reflecting a little on how we communicate we can change the narrative of our sales efforts.

Use a positive language

Imagine that you’re a retail buyer and one of your brands have been in touch, which one are you most likely going to respond to:

Hello, I’m sorry for reaching out, I know it’s a busy time and I appreciate that you might not have time to respond to me, but we just launched x product. I completely understand if this is not right for your business but thought I would check anyway.

Hello, I hope your sales are keeping you busy. We are about to launch x product and I wanted to make sure that you saw it first. I’m sure your customers will love it because you have already done so well with x product in our range. When are you free this week for a quick chat?