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Fashion and accessories gift guide

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

This gift guide includes gifts both for women and men. I always find it tricky to buy gifts for men but Monty's Accessories and Take Monday would both make excellent gifts for your brother, husband, son, friend or even father-in-law.

There are also plenty of options for the women in your life, friend, sister, mother, daughter or mother-in-law so I hope you enjoy having a look through this guide and discovering these 9 small businesses.

Tag me over on Instagram, @small_business_collaborative, if you decide to pick up anything from any of these wonderful small businesses.

Monty's Accessories

Monty’s accessories provide authentic men's essentials. Focusing on high-quality and originality, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional products.

Everything is sourced and produced in Europe. We know the full supply chain, from the artisans in Italy to the delivery drivers, we are passionate about knowing the full circle of our products.

Along with this, all our leather accessories use sustainable vegetable tanned leather, cutting out chemicals and leaving the local community with healthy water systems.

What I love: The aesthetic of Katie and Nicolas brand is so thoughtful and I love their attention to detail. Have a look at their Hook me up belt to see what I mean.

Fun fact: We are a family-run business, a duo, well a married couple who started our label one year ago.

Our brand is actually named after our dog who we now call the CEO

Myself (Katie): Originally a designer for many high-street brands for 12 years; Monty's is a big change and one that comes with many challenges but I love the progress we've made so far.

We both have other jobs. I work part-time as an art teacher and Nicolas is a buyer in the hydrogen car industry. We do find ourselves working very unusual times and often find ourselves packing orders at 10pm at night!

Price range: £12-100

Follow: @montys_accessories

Modern Floss

I specialise in hand embroidered homewares, custom clothing and embroidery kits.

Handmade in the UK

What I love: Charlottes embroidered denim jackets are so cool, I'm not sure I'm cool enough for one but I love them and I also like her patches that can be used to update any old or new find.

Fun fact: I started embroidery whilst in recovery from cervical cancer. Crafting is the best from of self care! It made me feel so much better!

Price range: £15-250

Follow: @modernfloss

Caro Gomez

Caro Gomez is for the woman that's ready to step into her inner Goddess with JOY & POWER. Through bold colours, delicious fabrics and our signature VIVA LA VULVA patterns you're ready to take on the world. #bigbushenergy

Made in London, small batches, in support of the Latin American community (I'm from El Salvador so this is key), and every piece is infused with the ancestral wisdom from my indigenous roots. Dancing is a ritual I create around every piece because the energy that goes into creating each piece goes directly to you, the wearer.

What I love: Caro's energy is amazing and I love how honest and joyful she is. This translates to all her designs and everything she does so definitely go and give her a follow and have a look at her range.

Fun fact: Originally, I was not intending to produce my own garments but the studio I had enlisted to work with closed down one week prior to launch. Awesome. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and bring to the forefront of London fashion the creative talents of the Latin American community here in London. I moved heaven and earth to find talented Latin couturiers to support my vision and bring my fashion collection to life. To this day I provide them with work, earning over the living London wage, we have lunch together and we dance :)

Price range: £50-350

Rebecca J Mills Designs

Lifestyle brand, selling Home, Gift & Fashion products; each collection has my contemporary prints applied to each product. Online store and physical shop- Design Pop Up Teddington.

My collections are designed in London, and 95% are produced in the UK; focused on sustainability- ensuring quality materials are used, low carbon emissions, fair labour and zero waste. Working towards transparency of my materials and supply chain.

What I love: Rebecca's use of colour and pattern is beautiful and don't you just want to touch that soft plush bag on the right? So fun and stylish at the same time.

Fun fact: My inspiration comes from everywhere- music, fashion trends, nature, TV. My latest collection was inspired by TV series The Marvellous Mrs Maisel and the colours of one of the outfits she wore in one of the last episodes.

Price range: £8-259

GVG Accessories

Colourful, handmade leather handbags and accessories with 10% donation to charity with every purchase.

Handmade in the UK, personalised product, Italian leather.

What I love: Claire's bags are fun and look so pretty, I also think they are very well priced and she started making dog collars too.

Fun fact: GVG donates to over 7 different charities including Coppafeel, Dogs Trust and Alzheimer's Society with the limited edition Christmas range supporting The Salvation Army.

GVG stands for giving as I love to donate to charities - it's also super similar to my own initials!

Price range: £5-140

Tatum Diamond London

Tatum Diamond London is a luxury, sustainable, hand made, handbag and accessory brand with the ocean at its core.

Handmade, made in the UK, made to order, slow fashion.

What I love: I first meet Tatum at an Etsy market in West London two Christmas's ago, her bags are beautifully crafted and would make an excellent gift.

Fun fact: Tatum Diamond London was born from a desire to learn new skill while making beautiful products & raising awareness for the ocean

Price range: £15-199

Take Monday

Take Monday clear cases, for everyday or travel. Now stocked by Le Bon Marche, Fenwick and Goop.

The clear cases make for easy packing as you can see what is in what case and the larger ones even have a "secret" pocket for those small items you want to keep private.

Vegan and non PVC, designed in Paris.

What I love: These cases make the perfect gift for both women and men and they are so stylish. I love that they are practical and pretty and that the larger bags have a handy handle for easy portability.

Fun fact: The founder was a reality TV show producer, and it was her life on the road filming gypsies which taught her how to become a packing Ninja, and create a styish alternative to clear plastic bags

Price range: £25-65

Follow: @take_monday

Mille Saisons

Mille Saisons is a British indie brand dedicated to silk accessories. At Mille Saisons we are passionate about silk and only use Grade A Mulberry silk to create our accessories. All our silk accessories are carefully made in small batches in Britain and include silk scrunchies, hair bows, headbands and eye masks in a beautiful range of colours.

What I love: Jo's products look soft like clouds and will bring a little bit of everyday luxe into your life. So pretty and feminine and practical!

Fun fact: I started Mille Saisons to work around my tiredness, was diagnosed with a sleep disorder and continued to run it as my teeth were moved into place for jaw surgery a couple of years ago. Now I run Mille Saisons and can breathe properly!

Price range: £5-85

Follow: @millesaisons

Cara & The Sky

Cara & The Sky is an independent British brand with a positive outlook on life, produced right here in the UK.

The London born brand is designed for fun-loving, free-spirited humans with a love for knitwear, bright colours and unique style.

Made in the UK

What I love: I love anything knitted and if I would have continued into fashion after my studies in Milan I would have wanted to go into knitwear. It's so practical and fun and can bring out so many emotions and memories.

Fun fact: We want to slow down fashion. The designs are trend-driven, but trendless, giving longevity to each style. You can wear it this season, and it will be just as relevant next season.

Price range: £45-68

I would love to hear if you enjoyed having a look through this guide and what small businesses you will support this Christmas. Tag me over on Instagram, @small_business_collaborative, if you decide to pick up anything from any of these wonderful small businesses.


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