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A Chat With...Megan from Sandwick Bay Candles

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Want to know what retail buyers really think? Next up on my mini series is a chat with Megan from Sandwick Bay Candles who owns a business that includes an online store, bricks and mortar store, wholesale and white labelling - she knows her stuff!

I remember working with Megan when she started to buy from other brands and she said to me ' I get it now, it's so helpful when brands anticipate everything I need as a retail buyer in one email instead of there being lots of back and forth' This has always stuck with me and I often repeat it to my clients and students as a top tip! (I also love her candles and washing up refills so make sure you take a look!)

Sandwick bay candles, brick and mortar, buyer, wholesale

Let's meet Megan...

1. Do you want to be sold to? Do you mind if brands keep you up-to-date and follow up with you?

Yes, I don’t mind at all if brands keep me up to date. I am terrible at reading an email and then forgetting to action on it so if I get a follow up email it reminds me whether I want to buy and to reply.

2. What's the best way to contact you? What's important to include etc.

Definitely email. Social media messages get lost so quickly. I love it when brands include what their best sellers are and also some photos. They really capture my attention. Wholesale prices and RRP is really useful

3. How has opening a shop and being a buyer too now made you feel about contacting retailers as a brand owner?

It has shown me that you really do need to follow up with people. Life is so busy and even busier running a business, where often it is the one person doing everything. Someone doesn’t necessarily not reply because they are not interested they may of meant to but just something else got in the way. Knowing your numbers is also really important. Even if someone loves your product but the numbers don’t work they might not be able to sell it in the shop.

In Summary

Don't just take my word for it, you've heard it here from a buyer - they want to hear from you and you CAN follow up without being sleazy!


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